Silicone Drink Holder for Sofa or Couch

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Sangle Sopffy Anti-Spill Cup Holder with Fluorescent Gem,Food Grade Silicone Drink Holder for Your Sofa or Couch

Product Details:

This Drink Holder is designed to enhance the drinking experience, It is a one-size-fits-all drink coaster to hold all your favorite drinks securely, our Fluorescent Gem design(Remove table) provide a more visible view at night that avoid hitting spill and add more fun

One-Size-Fits-All- It is suitable for all kind of cups, Mug with ears / wine glass / beverages like beers or canned cola, no matter hot or cold – it will make your drinks perfectly sits next to you on your sofa, couch, armchair or recliner.

Stop Spills on the Sofa- By wrapping over the arm of your sofa, Sangle Sopffy Drink Holder can firmly hold your drinks and stop spilling on your sofa, A must accessory for your TV recreation.

Redesigned- Our foldable design drink holder with fluorescent gem is constructed of BPA-free silicone material, flexible and safe, provides great support and integrity for your drink at home or on a trip.


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