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ANIMAL ISLAND Aila Sit & Play Virtual Early Preschool Learning System for Toddlers (12+ Months) Mom's Choice Gold Award Letters, Numbers, Stories and Songs Best Baby Gift for Childhood Education

Product Description:

Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA)- Original Series for toddlers (12-36 months) - high-quality educational content developed by educators and innovators for early learning when it matters the most. It’s hands-free, worry-free, ad-free and subscription-free with automatic updates. There are three play modes with curated playlists: broadcast for exposure, session for learning and lullaby for sleepy babies.

With Unique Hardware- AI software and exclusive content, an educational tool for parents to train their toddlers attention span early on and to support cognitive development, early literacy, numeracy education, social skills, and emotional growth during a toddler’s critical first years of learning.

Engaging and Fun Content- blended automatically for a toddler to sing along, dance, and learn ABC’s, 123’s, colors, shapes, words, stories and music together with their animal friends in the virtual preschool on the Animal Island so that parents have the peace of mind. AILA keeps track of the curriculum milestones and delivers the right content at the right time.

AILA Parent App- lets parents set learning sessions, check in on their toddler, send photos and videos, and monitor the screen time.

Great Gift for Toddlers- (12-36 months) to start their early learning journey before preschool


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