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uArm Swift - Robotic Arms


uArm Swift series are consumer level desktop robotic arms which are developed for makers and STEAM e...

Bulbhead portable air compressor


Air Dragon stops automatically, giving you the right amount of air for a safer ride. This powerful a...



You can of course use the Mag-Pad on any kind of surface if you're just keeping your tools flat...

Measure King


Measure King is the new and innovative way to measure faster, easier, and more effectively! No longe...

Magic Creeper


With zero ground clearance, the Magic Creeper won’t damage expensive floor finishes, and still wor...

Door Lifter


Foot-operated lifter supports door whilst fitting into frame. Cam design with internal weight stays ...

Jokari All Rounder


Jokari All Rounder is one of the professional cable stripper tools innovatively designed and develop...



The Mininch Wrench It comes with a variety of wrench heads, that are easily interchanged. The handle...



Rain Machine mini 8-  Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller, Cloud Independent, The Forecast Sp...

Magnetic Door Stop


Sturdy, practical and easy to install, Magnetic Door Holder and Stop holds doors open even in a heav...

10 Item(s)