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HOVR™ is a patented leg swing that attaches underneath a desk, or to a mobile stand. HOVR™ provides a unique, easy to use way to move and exercise while sitting throughout the day, with no mental distraction as validated by University of Illinois and certified NEAT™ by Mayo Clinic.

HOVR with Desk Mount

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HOVR® complements any desk.

HOVR® was designed to bring movement while sitting. Depending on your seating arrangement and type of desk, choose between our versatile desk-mount or portable floor stand models

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HOVR® is for Everyone

Over 60 million people and counting, through sites like TECH INSIDER, and LAD-BIBLE, have seen how HOVR® provides a unique way to move, exercise, and improve concentration while sitting throughout the day.

Movement keeps us alive. Yet we sit half our lifetime.

HOVR cushioning system is the ‘Energy Web,’ which is a mesh fabric that wraps the cushioning core to deliver strong responsiveness and energy return. This ideal combination of advantages makes runners feel and perform better with less fatigue.

Sensor-enabled versions are digitally connected to the newest evolution of the MapMyRun app and provide the added benefits of an untethered run while tracking detailed data including stride length, cadence, pace, distance, and shoe life. 

  • Hovr Use an embedded chip and the MapMyRun app to give runners real-time data on their fitness performance, as well as post-workout stats.
  • You can see data on everything from your distance run to the measurements of your stride.

What's inside the box?

  • HOVR Platform
  • Adjustable Straps (Black & Blue)
  • Desk Mount
  • Wheel stopper

How to use the MapMyRun app?

Download the MapMyRun app, add your shoe, and you'll get access to a long list of helpful tools for maximizing and interpreting your workouts. Pairing is extremely easy. MapMyRun will just ask you to shake the right shoe to activate the chip, and within seconds your pair will be connected.

Hovr are best for distance runners?

They're breathable, light, and responsive. They have a structured knit top and a removable sock-liner.

The science behind the HOVR efficiency

Metabolic Rate during a Cognitive Vigilance Challenge at Alternative Workstations

Study by Tess N. Tyton, MS, Haley M. Scott, MS, and Craig A. Horswill, PhD

OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to compare energy expenditure (EE, kcal/min) at three workstations during an attention-demanding cognitive function task (Test of Variables of Attention or TOVA). Workstations included the seated desk (SIT), standing desk (STAND), and seated workstation designed to promote spontaneous movement (SWING).

METHODS: Adult males (n = 11) and females (n = 13) were assessed for EE using VO2 and VCO2 per quarter of the 22-min TOVA.

RESULTS: Average EE were 1.39 ± 0.06 (SIT), 1.55 ± 0.08 (SWING), and 1.44 ± 0.08 (STAND). Main effects (P < 0.05) were seen for workstation (SWING, STAND > SIT), and quarter of TOVA (Q2 < Q1,Q3,Q4). TOVA errors and response times were not different for workstations but increased for Q3 and Q4.

CONCLUSION: Spontaneous movement at an alternative workstation elevated EE 10% to 11% compared with sitting and could increase daily nonexercise activity thermogenesis without diminishing mental attention to desk work.