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Smart Nora


Nora is the first smart and non-invasive snoring solution that’s designed specifically to stop...

AMEO Powerbreather


Experience swimming and snorkeling in a new swimming. The POWERBREATHER supply you with 100% for the...



Empower yourself to do more of what you love with the next level in vibration therapy. Relieves pain...

Vi Earphones


Vi is an AI personal trainer that lives in biosensing earphones. She will track your activity, const...

GeoOrbital Wheel


The GeoOrbital Wheel converts any standard bicycle into an electric bike in seconds by simply replac...

Kinsa Health


Kinsa Smart Thermometers • Take quick, accurate readings• Offer guidance on next steps&bu...

Pets Drinking Bottle


portable Water bottles with attached bowls for your loving pets.  ...

HOVR with Floor Stand


HOVR™ is a patented leg swing that attaches underneath a desk, or to a mobile stand. HOVR™ provi...

8 Item(s)