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Offundo is an innovatively designed bread spreader. By slowly pressing the the plunger, it could evenly cover a slice with butter, mayonaise, cream cheese and alike.

Offundo Butter Spreader

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The portable square spreader works by loading it with butter, mayonnaise or cream cheese and then squeezing down a plunger which covers a slice of bread in one motion.

Each full load can spread 100 slices. Mr Whitehead said he came up with the idea after he became so fed up of buttering sandwiches with a knife.

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Offundo Butter Spreader
  • Measures: 3" x 2" x 2" / 7.5cm x 5cm x 5cm
  • Convenient, fast and easy to use! No need to dirty a knife or butter dish, simply use the Norpro Butter Spreader to quickly and easily spread butter on bread, toast, bagels, baguettes, muffins, pancakes, waffles & perfect for corn on the cob! Also great for greasing up pans for baking!
  • Spreads more evenly! Fun, easy to use and safe for children, too! No knives, no mess.
  • Includes a cap to seal so you can store the butter for the next time you need it.
  • Dishwasher safe.
Length 7 Inches
Width 6 3/8 Inches
Height 5 1/2 Inches
Capacity 48 oz.
Material Stainless Steel
Style Unheated
Type Butter Spreaders

Why do you need OFFUNDO?

OFFUNDO is a very effective and easy to use stainless steel tool which applies an even and consistent layer of spread to the surface of bread in one action.

Intended to be simple and easy to use the two part utensil is revolutionary in the sandwich making industry, providing a faster technique of applying spread when compared to using a knife, and a much cheaper option than more automated systems.

What benefits and advantages does it bring?

The fact that it requires no power, and can be easily moved from one workstation to another means you can use it wherever you want.

By helping to prevent cross contamination from crumbs and other ingredients, and because the unit encapsulates the spread, OFFUNDO provides a more hygienic option in the sandwich preparation area.

We believe OFFUNDO’s unique design and the many benefits it provides will change the way sandwiches are made, and help your business to achieve significant cost savings.

  • If you love butter, you need the Offundo Butter Spreader in your life! It’s designed to spread butter on your bread quickly and easily.
  • Designed by sandwich makers, this gadget can spread your butter in just seconds, letting you butter more slices of bread in less time! It’s safe for people of all ages to use, and the mechanisms are simple.
  • It has just two parts—the hopper and the plunger. Fill the butter spreader with whatever you want to spread—cream cheese, butter, mayonnaise—and start spreading—that’s it! It’s five times faster than a regular knife, spreading your food faster than ever.
  • It spreads evenly and consistently—each slice of bread will have the same amount of spread! It’s made of hygienic catering stainless steel, and its food safe and dishwasher safe—clean-up will be quick and easy.