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BoxTap Cable Organizer

BoxTap Cable Organizer

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Quick Overview

Boxtap is a new concept of a multi-power strip that has cable management storage. It has storage space that can do arrange messy power cables as below or inside.
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Boxtap is a cable management box with a built-in power strip to hide the mess of cords and cables from devices. This multifunctional extension power strip box with USB charging ports is perfect not only for cable management but also for easy control of power, plugs, adapters, and cables. With an intuitive interface, boxtap can also be used for a monitor stand on your desk to satisfy your demands for a neat and tidy cordless workstation


The built-in 5 outlets and hiding power strip design look great and blend in nicely with your home and office. Surge protection (AB500USP/AB530USP only) and the power overload cut-off function allow you to manage all power cable types for your safety. The sturdy and elegant design with 3 USB charging ports (AB530US/AB530USP only) will be ideal for your computer monitor stand (up to 154lb/70kg weight capacity) and USB charging station for multiple smart devices such as smartphones and tablets



1. Tangled cord vanished: Your desk which was very messy by power cords will become changes very neatly, and recreated as the hottest interior spot.

2. Saving electric bill charges: We provide one set of icon stickers to express various usage of electronics. After plugin power cords, you can stick the icon onto the lighting switch, makes it recognize plugged in electronics appliance easily. You can control electricity with power ON / Off, save your house electricity bills with power OFF device highly consumes electricity like a set-top box.

3.Prevention of an electric shock accident: After arranging power cords and close rear cover, plugged power cords and outlets are naturally closed by the cover, physically no touch by your baby or pet.

4. Reduction of fire hazard risk by dust contamination: BOXTAP is basically designed with the closing system, power sockets are mounted inside and surrounded by storage body, rear cover dramatically reduces dust contamination comparing other conventional open style multi power strip.



UK Model and Plug

1. AB530UK ( 3 USB port)

2. AB500UK ( No USB port )

Note: UK Model has 4 sockets inside


USA Model and Plug

1. AB530USP ( 3 USB port with Surge protection )

2. AB500USP ( No USB port with Surge protection )

3. ( 3 USB port without Surge protection )

4. AB500US ( No USB port, No Surge protection )

Note: USA Model has 5 sockets inside




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boxtap-features boxtap-features

How many devices can I plug into the BoxTap?

5 devices can be plugged into the BoxTap's power strip, and 3 devices can be plugged into the USB ports*.

*supported on model AB520

Can I place monitor on top of the BoxTap?

Yes. The BoxTap can act as a monitor stand and supports up to 33 lbs / 15 kg.

How do I turn off a device that’s plugged into the BoxTap?

That’s easy. Just push the button associated with the device you want to turn off. If the button's orange light is off the device is off.

Can I change the labels on the buttons?

Yes. You can re-label power buttons with the same or different device ID labels.

Will the BoxTap protect my devices during a thunder/lightning storm?

No, it won't. The BoxTap DOES NOT have a surge protector built-in. To protect your devices during a thunderstorm it's best to unplug the BoxTap from the wall.

Can I daisy chain two BoxTap's together?

No. Daisy chaining BoxTaps (plugging one BoxTap into another) is dangerous. It could overload the circuit and cause an electrical fire.

Can I charge more than one USB device at a time?*

Yes, you can. The BoxTap allows you to charge 3 USB devices at the same time. *supported on model AB520

Can I stand the BoxTap vertically?

Yes you can. The BoxTap can be used in a vertical or horizontal position.

How long does it take to charge my phone using the USB ports on front of the BoxTap?*

Charging times for USB devices are determined by your device’s specifications. The BoxTap comes with 3 USB charging ports. The first port is 2.1A/5V and should be used for charging larger devices like a tablet. The remaining 2 USB ports are 1A/5V. They should be used to charge smartphones and other small devices.

*supported on model AB520

Does the BoxTap come with a warranty?

Yes, the BoxTap comes with a 12 month limited warranty. If you have any issues with your BoxTap please feel free to contact us.