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The Side Winder allows you to wind, store, and protect your MacBook Charger in under 5 seconds

Fuse Reel Side Winder: Wind your charger with ease

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The Side Winder is a reel that allows the user to organize, protect, and store the MacBook charger hassle free. IT'S THE REEL DEAL!



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Fuse Reel Side Winder
  • The Side Winder allows you to wind & store your MacBook charger in under 5 seconds. 
  • The Side Winder is compatible with the 45W, 60W, 61W, 85W and 87W Chargers. Does not fit the 29W charger
  •  USB-C Model Includes USB-C Cable required for use.
  • The Side Winder does not include the charger or the fat extension cable.

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Which Chargers fit in the Side Winder?

The Side Winder is compatible with all MacBook chargers, excluding the 12" MacBook.

Does the Side Winder work with the USB-C Charger?

Yes. If you select the USB-C model upon checkout, you will receive a custom UBC-C Certified right angle cable from Fuse Reels LLC. This cable allows you to charge your new laptop without the cable mess.

Does the Side Winder require the extension cable?

Yes, The reel requires the use of the Apple provided extension cable.

Step 1: Insert the charger


Step 2: Wind The Side Winder


Step 3: GO!