Winbo 3D Pen

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Safe, low temperature and intelligent 3D Pen for kids and adults. Educational and entertaining for children of all ages.

Five Advantages of Winbo 3D Pen

1.) Very light weight (45g) so kids can use all day long.

2.) Multiple ways to hold the pen to allow precise drawing.

3.) One-button multifunctional design, easy to learn and use.

4.) Plug and play with 5VDC2A, mobile phone adaptor or power bank, easy to use even outdoors!

5.) Able to use for extended periods without jamming (with filament manufactured by Winbo)

 Winbo 3D Pen is compatible with all charger connectors which enables people to make full use of the idle charger connectors at home which saves money.

Meanwhile, we use good motos and low temperature filament to assure product quality and safety of children.


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