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Easily swap between wireless keyboard, making a melody, or cutting up your video. The Morph puts creative power in your hands where you need it when you want it.


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  • The first pressure-sensitive, multi-touch input device that enables users to interact with the digital world like never before.
  • The Sensel Morph offers a new generation of multi-touch interaction, powered by our patented Pressure Grid technology, in the form of an input device that allows people to interact with computers and programs in a whole new way.
  • The Sensel Morph comes to life through the use of various overlays - thin, magnetic, flexible, and fully customizable surfaces that turn the device into virtually any tool or instrument imaginable.



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  • Multi-use Creative Tool: Make beats, edit videos, compose your Ableton Live set, type notes, and play video games all with the same device by transforming your Morph using any of the several Overlays (sold separately) available from Sensel.
  •  Highly Sensitive: Approx. 20,000 pressure sensors and 5g - 5kg sensing range per touch (32,000 levels) to achieve the highest level of touch sensitivity.
  • Extremely Responsive: Full Resolution Mode is 125 Hz (8 ms latency), High Speed Mode is 500 Hz (2 ms latency), and Precise Tracking is 6502 dpi.
  •  Versatile Connectivity: Connect the Morph to your device using Wireless Bluetooth LE, USB, or Serial (enabled with Innovator's Kit).
  •  On-the-Go Power: Long lasting rechargeable Lithium Ion Polymer Battery with micro USB connection for charging.

What is the battery life of sensel morph? How do I charge it?

The Sensel Morph uses a built in lithium polymer battery, with one day of normal use and one week in standby. The battery is charged via USB.

What is the weight of the morph?

The Morph weighs 0.4kg and has dimensions of 240 mm width x 169.5mm height x 6.75mm thick.

Can I use more than one morph?

You can connect multiple devices over USB or Bluetooth, which allows you to use multiple devices at the same time. For instance, you could use several Morphs side-by-side to create an extended piano, or you could have a setup where you’re using one morph as a drawing tablet and another as a QWERTY keyboard. The combinations are endless.





Don’t press play, play with pressure. Make music naturally with the Morph. Melodies, rhythm, and dynamic control. Portable and powerful: perfect on the go, on the stage, or in the studio. Every Morph comes with a free copy of Arturia Analog Lite. With 17 synthesizers and 500 presets, you'll be ready to start making the minute you start using the Morph.

Video and Audio Editors 

There’s more to telling your story than pointing a camera: give your videos a professional edge with a proper tool. Plenty of keys and macros with a slick jog wheel cut your edit time down and make your videos shine. Adaptable for audio and photo edits too.
The Video Editing Overlay (VEO) is here to simplify your workflow. Navigate with ease using the jog wheel and force-sensitive shuttle controls. Speed up your workflow by reducing complex multi-finger shortcuts to a single tap. Use Sensel's default mapping or create your own custom mappings.








Still the king of input, the writing overlays keep you in touch. True to Morph’s spirit, you have options. Traditionalist can grab the QWERTY overlay. Want to type faster? Try out the DVORAK overlay. Francophiles, drop on the AZERTY overlay.