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The GaffGun - Single Greatest Advancement in Floor Tape

The GaffGun - Single Greatest Advancement in Floor Tape

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The GaffGun both gathers cables and effortlessly lays tape over them. The GaffGun complete bundle includes GaffGun, long extension handle, small/medium /large Cable Guides and Floor Guide.

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The GaffGun™ (patent pending) is the single greatest advancement in floor tape since gaffer's tape was invented. Saving over 90% of the time to lay floor tape, The GaffGun simplifies your job while saving time, money, and your back.


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GaffGun Tape Applicator


No faster way to tape cables


Decreases liability and costly accidents


Reduces effort, pain and trouble


Keeps cables neat and organized


Designed and Built to Last. The GaffGun is hand-built to the highest standards using industrial-grade materials


The GaffGun™
Long extension handle
Cable Guide - NEW: Select from your choice of four!

*Does not include CoreLock™ tape

GaffGun Bundle

The GaffGun™
Long extension handle
Cable Guide - Small (compatible with 2"-3" tapes, 1-2 XLR cables)
Cable Guide - Medium (compatible with 3" tapes, 3-4 XLR cables)
Cable Guide - Large (compatible with 3" tapes, 5-6 XLR cables)
FloorGuide (for applications not involving cables)

*Does not include CoreLock™ tape



Will it work on carpet?

The tape will work on carpet.

Can any tape be used with the Gaffgun? 

You have to use Gaff Gun tape. 

Will this tape next to the wall? Or is this just middle of the floor

You can tape next to a wall - just not the corner. So a few inches off the wall.

Will this work with Vinil Tapes? 3M branded

It works with gaffer tape. If vinyl tape is of the same consistency as gaffer tape it should work. Gaffer tape is thick and relatively ridged so initially getting the tape to adhere to the surface you are taping is a simple matter. thin, less rigid tape might be more difficult to get started. Also, the tape roll cores are a specific size you would need to determine if your vinyl tape had roll cores compatible with the Gaffgun.