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Autowater is a range of faucet adapters for the kitchen and bathroom, which make your regular faucet automatic.

Techo Autowater - Motion Sensor Adapter

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Autowater helps prevent the spread of germs and lowers water consumption at home. It is easy to install and looks elegant in most settings with its beautiful aluminum casing. Autowater’s motion sensor night light makes it easy to get water in the dark. Its powerful battery can be charged magnetic and lasts 8-12 months per charge.

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Techo Autowater K Automatic Touchless Kitchen Faucet Adapter

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Q: How long does it take to recharge the battery?

A: Four hours.

Q: How often do I need to charge the battery?

A: Once fully charged on average the battery lasts 8-12 months.

Q: How do I charge the battery?

A: Charge the battery by attaching the magnetic USB cable to the adapter.

Q: Can it be charged without removing it from the faucet?

A: You can charge it directly without removing it from the faucet. Because the length of USB cable is limited, portable power is recommended. But it is advised to remove it from the faucet when charging.

Q: What’s the sensing distance of the night light?

A: 9.8-16.4 feet.

Q: How do I install it? Why are there so many connectors?

A: Select the appropriate adapter for your faucet using the guide provided. Remove the original aerator, then fit the auto spout into the connector.

Q: What happens if I cannot install the Autowater?

A: If you have followed the instructions provided and taken note of the video guide above and still cannot install please contact customer support at [email protected]

Q: What is an aerator?

A: An aerator can be found at the tip of faucets, they can be screwed into the faucet head and provide a non-splashing stream of water and air.

Q: What is the product life?

A: Under normal conditions it lasts over 100,000 times, this means it lasts approximately 10 years.

Q: Does it leak?

A: No, the adapter is equipped with a multi-stage seal, and 100% inspection before delivery.

Q: What are the requirements for water pressure, does it leak for high water pressure? Does it work normally for low water pressure?

A: Regular water pressure is 0.05MPa-0.8MPa, it can bear up to 3.5MPa water pressure with high performance materials from well-known manufacturer Solvay.

Q: How is the sensitivity of the sensor? How long is the sensor field? How do I adjust the sensor field?

A: The sensor response time is 500ms to wave-on and wave-off. The sensing field of the sensors on the top (bathroom) or on the right side (kitchen) for long-water supplying is around 4in. To adjust the bottom sensor’s distance for short-water supply; hold down the top button for 5s until the white light flashes; then press the button until the light turns to purple, place your hand to the distance you need until the light stops flashing. The default sensor field is 6in.

Q: What happens if the sensor doesn’t work?

A: Please follow the instructions provided to resolve sensor failure; if unable to resolve, please remove the auto spout after turning off the water through the handle, and then contact customer service ([email protected]) for further assistance.

Q: Where is the LED light and how bright is it?

A: The LED light is placed on the bottom of the product, it will not be directly exposed to the human eye at normal use. Lighting power consumption will be slightly different according to different colors, white light consumption is around 9mW; when the ambient light is weak, the pyrolysis infrared sensor can activate the light when it detects someone is approaching.

Q: From what distance does the LED light turn on?

A: If the indoor temperature is over 26° Celsius, the farthest sensor field is about 13-16ft. The light will automatically turn off in 10s. If the ambient light suddenly is strong, the light will turn off in about 3s. The sensing field varies according to the environmental charges.

Q: How do you change the color of the light? What colors are there?

A: Just press the button on the underside of the adapter to change the color. The colors to choose from are: red, yellow, light blue, dark blue, green, white and purple.

Q: Is it waterproof?

A: Yes, it is IP67 certified, which means it can withstand water immersion between 6in and 3ft for 30 minutes, although this is not recommended.

Q: How do I keep the product working if not used for a long time? Will the battery life be affected?

A: Charge the battery regularly to ensure the battery life durability.

Q: Could there be an electric shock with the product?

A: It uses a 3.7V lithium battery, the maximum voltage is 4.2V; it does not lead any electric shock accident.

Q: What are the materials? Is it reliable?

A: It uses high-performance materials from well-known manufacturers such as Solvay, the outer casing is made from Aluminum Alloy. The maximum it can bear is 3.5MPa of water pressure. It is NSF and CUPC certified.

Q: Are there filters? How do you clean the filters? Does it come with the function of water purification?

A: The six adapters provided are equipped with a filter, which can be used. Please remove the adapter and clean the filter regularly. The product can be used with a specific filter bubbler to remove residual chlorine in the water.

Q: Will it turn on and let water through unintendedly?

A: It uses special infrared coding technology and special light transmission materials to avoid interference with the ambient light, so as to avoid water flow unintendedly.

Q: What should I pay attention to in daily maintenance and cleaning?

A: In daily maintenance do not use acid and alkali detergent to clean the product, avoid the use of metal scourers and other harsh cleaning tools, especially on the infrared sensor window.

Q: If the connector does not fit exactly?

A: Please use PTFE tape around the connector so there is no leakage after installation.(PTFE tape is not included).

Q: How do I change the sensor distance for the night light?

A: The white spherical sensor is for the night light, the sensor needs to be facing the front to ensure the sensing distance is in the appropriate field; if the sensor distance of the night light is short, or it does not work, please check the installation direction.

Q: If water flow is intermittent and I need more water what do I do?  

A: Use the sensor with the long water flow for a better experience.

Q: The night light is activated by accident, or not activated, why?

A: Please confirm the night light function is turned on; or there are heat sources near by, which leads the unintended activation, such as the oven and microwave.