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The SKINZIT® Electric Fish Skinner removes rib bones and skin from the fillet in two simple steps.  The first pass rolls out the rib bones, the second pass removes the skin with full meat retention.  It’s really that easy!Plugs into a regular wall outlet.

SkinzIt Fish Skinner

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After your next day on the water, let SKINZIT® do the work so you can enjoy more of your catch!

Gone are the days of wrestling with bone and skin removal while losing chunks of meat in the process.  The SKINZIT® Electric Fish Skinner will forever change fish cleaning. 

  • Clean Your Fish in Half the Time
  • Skins Fillets Fast & Easy with No Waste
  • Removes Rib Bones
  • Simple to Operate
  • Fully Automatic
  • Easy to Clean, with Removable Intake Wheel
  • Plugs into a regular AC wall outlet

Works great on Walleye, Perch, Bluegill, Crappie, Bass, and virtually any other species with scales!

  1. Unplug unit from power source prior to cleaning.
  2. Remove Roller:  Flip out Roller Release and turn ¼ turn.  Slide roller shaft out of housing to release roller.
  3. Wash roller and roller shaft with water.  Dry with soft towel.
  4. Wipe down remainder of unit with a damp cloth.  Dry with soft towel.
  5. Allow parts and unit to dry completely before reassembling.
  6. Reassemble Unit:  Holding roller back in original position, take roller shaft and slide back into place.  To ensure proper installation, the hex opening on roller should be on same side into which the shaft slides.  Roller will only secure into place one way.
  7. Keep out of reach of children.

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3). Warranty would depend on supplier’s provision.

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SkinzIt Fish Skinner
  • Clean Your Fish in Half the Time
  • Skins Fillets Fast & Easy with No Waste
  • Removes Rib Bones
  • Simple to Operate
  • Fully Automatic
  • Easy to Clean, with Removable Intake Wheel
  • Plugs into a regular AC wall outlet

Saves your time

Thinking the tiresome work of cleaning and skinning the fishes is a very common tendency. Having this kit in your backpack will surely change this view. Because you will be able to spent some extra hours in fishing as it will work on your behalf even within the shortest possible time. There’s no doubt that you will be satisfied getting very favorable result.

No Waste of meat

You may fear using it thinking loss of meat while skinning. But it is a pleasant news that Skinzit is likely unbeatable in assuring the minimal waste of meat. Whether you are cleaning the rib bones or skinning the fillet, you won’t witness any big depletion.

Ease to Use

Cleaning this device is easy like the way it cleans fillet. After you finish working with it, unplug the unit from the outlet. Flip out the large flip attached on the side and give half a turn. Then pull the roller shaft out, remove the wheel, rinse it off. Finally push the roller shaft in and put the pin back through to lock the blade by making half a turn again. This will secure the roller release tab.

How often does the SKINZIT need to be sharpened?

The curved plate has a bevelled edge and does not need to be sharpened. The wheel surface does not require sharpening. 

How well it does work on big fish?

The SKINZIT® works on fish up to 5 1/2" in width and any length. We have run Walleyes up to 27 inches through the SKINZIT®. With a wider fish fillet, first remove the rib bones using the SKINZIT®. Then simply cut the skin on the fillet in half lengthwise then remove the left side and then right side with the SKINZIT®.

Can you use power inverter or battery to use the SKINZIT?

Yes, the SKINZIT® will also work with a 75 watt power inverter that plugs into a cig adapter or hooks to a 12 volt battery with double Alligator clips. It will even run off your Ice fishing battery. 

What is the weight and dimension of SKINZIT?

2.4 pounds Width - 7 3/4” (197mm) Height - 7 1/4” (184mm) Depth - 6" (152mm) 


  • Hold the device lay at an angle and press the lever firmly when you get ready to remove the rib bone. Always start from the wide side of the fish.
  • Let the point of the rib bone enter into the middle of the Skinzit. Start the throttle and move in.
  • After you remove the rib bone, flip the fillet over. Again, start on the head of the fish, not the tail.
  • Lay the device flat on the ground (table), press the lever firmly again, start the throttle and move in.
  • As you move in, don't push it down. Lay flat, slide in and as you come in just lift it up a little bit and it’ll grab the skin.
  • Stop about a half an inch from the tail. Hold the fillet by your hand with the lever still clamped firmly and pull the meat off the tail.
  • Then hit the throttle and run the skin out.