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Are you blindly paying your electrical bill without knowing where that money is going? Reduce your energy use with device level notifications, and set goals to track your progress and stay on budget.

Sense Energy Monitor

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With Sense, you can track your energy usage in real-time down to the second, identify energy hogs in your home and even set notifications to track the use of specific devices. How does Sense do all this? It all starts with the small orange box that is the Sense monitor.

The computer inside your Sense monitor is the brains of the operation. It reads signals from your electrical panel, analyzes subtle changes, and sends energy data to your smartphone so that everything you need to know about your home energy use is in your pocket.

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Review by KENNITH (Posted on 6/13/2019)
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Review by CHUCK (Posted on 6/13/2019)

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Product Features

Sense App

Track energy use
over time

Set goals and monitor your progress through the month to make sure you stay on track.


Set device-level notifications

Set alerts for when the garage door opens, the sump pump turns on, or when the dryer's done.

Identify sources of energy waste

Find energy hogs, identify vampire loads, and see how much they're costing you.


Keep tabs on 
your home

Stay safe and secure by checking if the oven was left on, or the iron got unplugged.






Technical Specs


Monitor Size and Weight

137mm x 66mm x 32mm, 220g

Power consumption

Current Transformer Specs

CAT III 300V 250A max
Cable length: 46" (116.84cm)
Inside Diameter: 1" (2.54cm)

Environmental Ratings

Relative Humidity: IPX0 rating, no water ingress
Temperature: 32-122ºF (0-50ºC)


120VAC (90V-130V), 60Hz
200A, 120V split-phase service.


802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
Bluetooth Smart
Bandwidth use: ~300MB per day

Signal Processing

1MHz Sampling Rate
(4M data points per second)
1GHz ARM Processor

Is Sense compatible with my home?

To ensure you have the best experience with Sense, the following compatibility specifications are recommended:A consistent 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi connection. Sense is not compatible with 5Ghz Wi-Fi signals.Its own electrical meter and accessible electrical panel.Your mobile device runs on iOS or Android and has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.Is a split-phase 120/240V residential panel up to 200A.Must have enough space to fit sensor clamps with HxWxD dimensions of 3.375" x 2" x .75" (85.73 x 50.8 x 19.05mm), and an inside diameter of 1”. The Sense current sensors may not be able to fit around busbars. Our sensor cables are 46" (116.84cm) long and our power cable is 36" (91.44cm) long. Does not drop below 32°F (0°C) or exceed 122°F (50°C).Is not exposed to water or areas with high condensation (Sense complies with ANSI/IEC 60529 Rated IPx0).For more information on electrical panel compatibility, check out this support article.For information on Solar system compatibility, take a look here.

How do I install Sense?

Sense should only be installed by a licensed electrician. Installation itself is quick and easy, but it requires opening up your electrical panel and connecting current sensors to the service mains. These wires are live, even with your main breaker switched off, and are thus very dangerous. Only a licensed electrician is qualified to work in these conditions.When speaking with your electrician, let them know that Sense is an energy monitor that installs in your electrical panel with two clamp-on current sensors around the mains, and a 240V breaker which Sense uses for its power supply and also to measure voltage on both legs. Unless you have a spare 240V breaker in your panel, your electrician will likely need to provide a new one.you may also wish to share with your electrician this blog post and video to help them get a better idea for what's required:

  • Sense works with split-phase, 120/240v residential electrical panels in the US and Canada. Sense doesn't currently support three-phase or parallel feed installations. Electrical panels with busbars must have enough clearance for sensor clamps with dimensions of 3 6/16"H x 2"W x 12/16"D, and an inside diameter of 1”.
  • Sense connects to your home's 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. Because electrical panels can introduce a significant amount of interference, strong Wi-Fi signal and upload speeds are needed near the electrical panel. You may consider installing your router or a signal booster close to your electrical panel.
  • Sense uploads approximately 150 MB of data each day to the servers to facilitate remote monitoring and model building, so it should not be used with a mobile hot-spot or low-bandwidth internet service.