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The Helite Leather Airbag Jacket is the motorcycle jacket that has it all. This full-grain cowhide jacket is equipped with Helite's revolutionary airbag technology to take the impact out of crashing

Helite Turtle Airbag Vest Black

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The highest level of safety for motorcyclists, the Helite Turtle Airbag Vest. Comparing to the Hit Air products, the Helite deployment time is faster than that of Hit Air and Helite consists of material which can never be torn by the explosion of the canister which makes it useable for a lifetime.

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Helite Turtle Airbag Vest Black
  • Practical, lightweight and discreet.
  • Helite Airbag Vest can save a rider from serious injuries.
  • Guarantees the most optimum protection without sacrificing comfort.
  • Turtle Technology is a new airbag innovation from Helite. 
  • With the highest level of SAS-TEC back protector, it disperses the force of energy twice as well as the previous Airnest model. 
  • The HELITE Turtle vest provides a rigid neck brace, as well as firm support to the spine and back, chest, rib and kidneys, and even hip and pelvic protection.
  • The Hi-Viz yellow is made for the best visibility during the day, and the silver 3M reflective strips can be seen from a distance when hit with light.
  • TURTLE CE Approved Airbag effective in 0.1 seconds
  • SAS-TEC back protector 1621-2 certified EC, removable
  • Clear underarm for freedom of movement 
  • Textile 600D to effectively resist abrasion
  • Neon yellow to be seen better day
  • Retro-reflective tape to be seen at night
  • Interior textile 3D mesh for comfort
  • Robust front clips, easy to open and close
  • Adjustment straps to adjust the width at least 3-4"
  • 1 CO2 cartridge and 1 motorcycle tether included

Does the vest come with a co2 canister?

Yes, it comes with a co2 canister.

Does it come in large?

Yes, The sizes available are S, M, L, XL, LL and XLL.

How long it is going to last or how many time can I use it?

You can deploy the vest again and again and again without fail or the need to get it inspected. There are demo vests and jackets that have successfully performed hundreds of deployments on and they're still functioning without repair or special attention. 

Can you wear this under a jacket?

It is recommended that you do not wear a jacket over your Turtle vest. Any jacket you choose to throw over the vest will not being designed to stretch when 5 gallons of compressed gas deploys in 80 mili seconds. That would make things uncomfortable really fast. Possibly dangerous. As well, anything constricting the bag may limit the deployment capacity of the airbag. If you do wear a bag or anything over top of the vest, it is recommended that you wear it LOOSE.

  • The Turtle air bags show off its technology, especially when you are striking against pointed and sharp objects such as a guardrail, a branch or a motorcycle part.

  • Conventional air bag systems have mitigated the speed of the impact, but they were unable to completely prevent punctual loads from penetrating the body or damaging the air bag.

  • The fixed back protector not only protects the air bag from damage, but also ensures that forces acting on a small surface can be better absorbed exponentially.

  • The large area protector also protects the back parts, which have not been surrounded by an air bag.

  • The motto of the vest is "high adaptability", so you only need a safety vest for the whole year. On the one hand, it is compact and manoeuvrable and on the other hand it has a long life

  • The AIRNEST is designed to make you feel as if you are wearing no vest. There are many adjustable buckles so that the vest fits perfectly over every other jacket. The large buckles allow the adjustment can also be made with gloves.

  • All HELITE air bag vests are immediately dispatched. A pull-cord and a CO2 cartridge are already installed.