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Riser is a collapsible luggage-friendly add-on that organize and sets you up a soft shelf wherever you go.

Riser Luggage Shelves

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PACK & UNPACK IN 10 SECONDS FLAT Nobody dreams about unpacking their suitcase when they arrive at their destination. By using the Luggage Shelves simply pull them out at the hotel, hang in a closet or on a door and voila you're unpacked!

To check the RISER will fit in your suitcase, the opening of your suitcase needs to be at least 12.5" x 17.5"

Return Policy: Product can be returned if the following occurred: 1. Product delivered is not in accordance to the order. 2. Product can be returned after a week of acquisition by reporting to [email protected] 3. Warranty would depend on supplier’s provision. Shipment days: 1. A week to thirty days shipment dependent on supplier.

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Riser Luggage Shelves


  • This is a big suitcase! It is large enough to hold a full wardrobe so that you can bring everything on your trip that you need and want.
  • It is a no-frills luggage made from the best materials and components that money can buy, but at an affordable price.
  • This is not luggage you throw away after a few trips, every part is replaceable (even the shell!) so it can last you a lifetime of travelling.
  • Unbreakable, thoughtfully designed, removable liner, and completely zipper less.
  • RISER Luggage Shelving Insert

  • Available in blue or gray

  • Keeps your clothes organized and makes unpacking simple

  • Great for a business traveler

  • Includes pockets or shelves for shoes, toiletries, shirts, underwear, pants, socks, and laundry

  • Capacity: 7,344 cubic inches

  • Dimensions: 36" x 17" x 12"

  • Weight: 2.8 lbs

  • One fits in standard carry-on; two fit in full-size suitcase

Does it come with a lock?

These bags Do not come with a lock, but they do have lockable zippers on the main opening that allow you to use your own small travel lock to secure the bag from being opened on the main opening.

What material is used?

The exterior material of the bag is a PVC/rubber backed polyester. For the interior material on the shelves, we use strong lightweight polyester and it is double stitched at the edges.