Rain Machine Mini 8 24V

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Rain Machine mini 8-  Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller, Cloud Independent, The Forecast Sprinkler.

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Garden from any Screen.
Easy Connect. Easy Control.

Connect from a smart phone or tablet to control water use remotely. The application automatically discovers any RainMachines on your local network and makes them accessible through an easy-to-use secure interface


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No expensive contractors needed for the job. Simple step by step DIY instructions. Live phone support available seven days a week!

RainMachine installation is guaranteed to be easier than your old device! Need to say more? Welcome to the future!


The RainMachine gets weather forecast from NOAA.GOV, Metno, Forecast.io, NetAtmo, or Wunderground Personal Weather Station for precise, realtime weather information.

The RainMachine updates weather data several times per day just to calculate the right amount of water for your plants!


Depending on your climate, and if weather permitting, record water savings of up to 80% (per week or even per month!) can be achieved with the RainMachine.

Because of substantial savings on your water bill, the RainMachine will pay itself in less than two years, fastest payback of any green IOT appliance!


Our RainMachine is WaterSense Certified for efficiency and performance. Check for rebates with your local water agency and start saving now!

Rebates up to the full cost of your RainMachine can be obtained from your Water Agency. Start saving now!


Our Dashboard displays everything needed to know about your garden and weather!

Obsessing about details? Rotate the phone into landscape mode and dive into panoramic weekly/monthly/yearly graphs!

Look for the free rainmachine app on Apple Store or Google Play Store and start controlling your RainMachine.


Garden from any screen or web browser. PC and Laptops equipped with any kind of modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, IE).

The RainMachine can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Enjoy your RainMachine from home, work or when away in vacation!


Unique touch interface on the device itself provides ultimate control experience. Starting or stopping a zone or a program are available from a simple splash-proof capacitive touch interface.

Dark garage?: no problem! Our white LED illuminated touch keys to the rescue!

Simplicity Perfected: When not in use, the RainMachine will display only one piece of information: a brightly lit Wi-Fi icon, visible from up to 20ft away.

  • Package Dimensions 6.8 x 6.8 x 4.5 inches
  • Item Weight 2.1 pounds
  • Shipping Weight 2.1 pounds
  • Manufacturer GreenElectronics LLC
  • ASIN B00WQI65V2

can it connect to a wired rain sensor?

Yes it can. I have one attached and it is controlled by the latest firmware.

Can I control the box when travelling without any subscription to a cloud service?

Yes, you can. You have 2 options: use our cloud system (free) and you do not have to do any additional settings, or, setup your own port forward rules in your router and be 100% independent of our cloud.

Is it possible to set up and operate from the box itself, without using a mobile device? I have landscaping service which may need to manually start.

Yes, it is. You can start and stop watering for each zone from the device itself.

Can the iPhone app access the controller from outside the local WiFi network (like while I'm traveling?)

Yes, the RainMachine can be controlled both on your local network and remotely, when you are away. Also, due to our unique cloud architecture, your password is never stored in our servers, only on your local device.

  • RainMachine connects via WIFI and downloads weather data every 6 hours.
  • NOAA employs satellites, radars and thousands of weather stations, delivering the most accurate weather forecast on Earth. Advanced climate modeling running on huge datacenters are free for you to use in your garden.