Power Vision PowerEgg Drone

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The PowerEgg from Power Vision is more than just a drone: It is a centerpiece. When not in flight, the craft transforms into a nearly seamless egg shape that rests in an included stand for prominent display.


With their aggressive profiles and their whirring, going-at-war styles, quadcopter drones can be a bit scary. This is why we created the PowerEgg, a unique drone by its shape and its features! Under its multi-awarded, uniquely designed hood, the PowerEgg hides impressive specs: It’s is the only of its class to offer a true 360° rotating camera in 4K-UHD at 12 million pixels. The PowerEgg lets you focus on what matters the most: recording images.

It features the Maestro, a gesture-based controller designed to give users an intuitive, easy-to-learn flying experience. As an alternative, it also comes with a traditional "transmitter"-style controller with dual sticks for conventional RC piloting. However you choose to fly, you will be able to record the experience with a built-in 14MP photo / UHD 4K video camera with 3-axis gimbal.

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