Smartphone Charging Station Disinfection Box

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UV Phone Sanitizer Wireless Charger Cell Phone Cleaner UV Light Sterilizer Smartphone Charging Station Disinfection Box Wireless Charger Station for iOS & Android

Product Description

4 in 1 UV Wireless Charger Box

The USB/Type-C interface multi-functional charging station can charge for mobile devices, compatible with all Qi Enable Mobile Devices, such as iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC, Sony. Any smartphone up to 6.5 inches can fit in the cleaner box. Wireless charging can work simultaneously with cleaner mode at the same time.

Multi-Function Box

The Multi-Function Case has strong cleaner ability and a long service life. It takes 3 minutes to complete the cleaning functions, so that you can easily clean the day to day your daily necessities, including smartphones, watch, Jewelry, headsets. your cash, and whatever fit to inside this utility charging box. EPA Est. No. 97482-CHN-1

Built-in UV Wireless Charging Box

In addition to the cleaning function, the case also has a built-in charging function. The wireless charging area supports most current mainstream smartphone models. Just place the phone in the box and touch the charging switch to start wireless charging. Same way, when the ear pods & apple watch is plugged in, and then be charged, PLEASE be note that, QC 3.0 Adapter Needed for Mobile phone fast wireless Charging & Adapter Included with our Package.

Large Space

Any smartphone or cell phone up to 6.5 inches (including the biggest iPhone, Samsung models) can fit in the cleaner box. What’s more, you can also place your jewelry, watches, car keys, earpods inside the box to get a complete cleaning, allowing you to enjoy a healthy and safe life. We are Providing you a UVC Light Tester Intensity Card, so you can verify that the optimal UVC germicidal light wavelengths are being used in your disinfection process in UVC Box.

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