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 Portable Diagnosis Acupuncture Pen

Portable Diagnosis Acupuncture Pen

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Portable Diagnosis Acupuncture Pen - Digital LCD Electro Acupuncture Stimulation GB-68A

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Acupuncture Pen is developed based on the theory of Physics,Bionics,body inductive resistance dectective theory,acupuncturology, magnetotherapy resonance theory, Chinese traditional medical science and modern micro electronic technology. Main function is make the treatment more effectively to ease fatigue and cure peripheral nerve injury and paralysis.


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Portable Diagnosis Acupuncture Pen

Digital LCD Electro Acupuncture Stimulation GB-68A: 

Device that can detect the body acu points and detect acu point on it has both the digital and electro acupuncture diagnostic functions. Our machine can assist user to diagnose their health condition accurately, all round and easily even at home, which can be considered as a real "home doctor"

Working Principle:

By using electric pulses to stimulate acupuncture points deep beneath the skins, the machine will not stink and hurt human skins like traditional acupuncture methods using silver needles.
During diagnoses, the LCD displays the diagnoses data. By calculating and analyzing these data, users can easily get their healthy index and know their health condition.

By using the diagnosed results, users can treat themselves correspondingly and achieve the following treatments: Soothing and stimulating blood circulating system, releasing pain, balancing the "Yin/Yang" of bodies, curing internal diseases by external acupuncture methods.

Features& Function:

  1. Diagnosis therapy, as your best home doctor, locating weak acupoints on palm or all over the body with different detector heads.
  2. Electrical acupuncture therapy, treatment on the acupoints and relieve pain and muscle stiffness.
  3. Far infrared heating therapy, which effectively promote blood circulation and relive chronic pain.
  4. Low frequency therapy, simulation treatment modes: hammering, acupuncture, naprapathy cupping, scraping, massage ,etc.





DC9V,rechargeable battery


1-400HZ , 5HZ-50HZ

Normal Working Temperature


Normal Working Humidity


Store and Transport Temperature


Store and Transport Humidity



About 105g



Safety Classification

Model BF internet power

Treatment Function

The device compose the electricity with five kinds of micro-current programme simulating human body, which directly take effect on the Acu-point, using low-frequency acupuncture to stimulate your feel, to restrain sympathetic nerve,to expand the blood vessels, and enhance the body's tissues phagocytosis, finally to achieve anti-inflammatory anddetumescence. Meanwhile,it has therapeutic effect on the chronic pain, muscle soreness, paralysis, etc. and is capable of promoting the secretion of pain-inhibiting materials and promoting the blood circulation.

Diagnosis Function (How to find the acu-point)

Inside all the living bodies, there is always certain special resistance and current. According to the resistance theory for different parts of the body, different points or diseased organs, using the intelligence of microcomputer CPU and the technology of frequency conversion digital biologic wave to searching for the right point can solve the problem for searching for acu-point and increase the accuracy. The effect of treatment will also be obvious. When using the diagnosis fuction, you may analyze your health condiction through the data displayed on the LCD, which can help to find the disease as early as possible and prevent it to become worse. Latent disease will be therefore prevented in advance.

Electric Acupuncture Function

Electric Acupuncture thearpy take physiological effect on the human body .This function can cure the weak organs of human body through the electrical stimulation to the acupuncture points. Specially for dealing with persistent symptoms refractory ,It will have be effective to choose the electric moxibustion fuction.

Heating function

The pad release the far infrared heating temperature on your body, resulting in a constant temperature of 45-55 degrees, effect on skin to eliminate sub-health symptoms.The pad have Infrared ray,it can help you to release nitric oxide, and then relax blood vessels to prevent the block-up of blood clots. With the pad infrared heating function, the therapeutic effect can be reached in a short time, which could make the patients feel very comfortable.

Acu-point Detection function

Find the acu-point automatic and alarm in 1-2min, so convenient with no pain and no side effects. This is because the human body have electric resistance. If some problem appear ,it could convert it into sound and light signal for the purpose of speculation and treatment.

Low-frequency Treatment Function

After confirming the position of acu-point, you may easily start the treatment function at once. At this moment, muscle may have fierce reaction. If the relative organ is in the state of subhealth or sickness, the feel will be more intensive. The low frequency current causes the shrinking and loosening of the muscle, and then the muscle's pumping role starts to act. When it's loose, the blood is input at a large quantity. When it shrinks, the metabolized blood is emitted. Such action is circulating to promote the smooth flow of the blood. This is the auxiliary physical treatment which can relieve the pain caused due to the stiff muscle, blocking the transmission of pain signal: Input the low frequency current at the painful position, acting on the mechanism transmitting the pain, then it is hard for the brain to receive the pain signal. The effect of low frequency stimulation, which have therapeutic effect on the chronic pain, muscle soreness, paralysis, etc. is capable of promoting the secretion of pain-inhibiting materials and promoting the blood circulation.