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Flexible, Telescopic Grabber Claw, Lifts 10 lbs. Flexible, Telescopic, Detachable Magnet Detachable LED Light

Odii Grab-It & Pick-Up Tool

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Do you constantly drop items between your car seat & console? Being a smart and trendy Pick Up Tool, I can retrieve cell phones, credit cards, coins etc. You drop, I fetch it.
After use, simply store your claw grabber tool in your vehicles glove compartment.
Have you ever dropped a part while working on your engine? I can help you recover it with great ease as I am the best pick up and grabbing tool available. I can illuminate those dark spaces with my LED light and pick them up with my super-strong magnetic arm. I am a grabber tool that can pick up wrenches, screw drivers, nails, nuts & bolts etc.
Have you ever dropped your wedding ring down the drain? No problem, I can grab it for you. I can reach down small spaces with my extendable grabber tool. I’m also great at picking up toys under your furniture or appliances and even those socks that you lost behind your dryer.

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