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new petzval 58 bokeh control art lens  ManySolutions, Many Solutions
new petzval 58 bokeh control art lens  ManySolutions, Many Solutions
new petzval 58 bokeh control art lens  ManySolutions, Many Solutions
new petzval 58 bokeh control art lens  ManySolutions, Many Solutions
new petzval 58 bokeh control art lens  ManySolutions, Many Solutions

New Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens

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This handcrafted lens combines historical design and modern, yet original, Russian optics with an unprecedented Bokeh Control Ring.

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The New Petzval 58 Art Lens comes available with Canon EF and Nikon F mounts, which means it’s immediately compatible with a whole host of analogue and digital cameras. You can also pair the New Petzval 58 Art Lens with many other analogue and digital cameras, like the Sony A7 for instance, by using adapters which can be purchased separately.

What is Bokeh Control?
The Bokeh Control Ring is located on top of the lens and can be adjusted between levels 1 and 7. Simply by moving this ring, you can change the amount of swirl you get in your Petzval shots. For a subtle swirly bokeh effect, turn the ring to Level 1.
But if you want to achieve a more powerful swirly bokeh effect than you’ve ever known before, turn it to Level 7 and watch the world transform right in front of your eyes. The way the Bokeh Control Ring works is deceptively straightforward.
By changing the level, you are adjusting the distance between the lens elements and this then affects the strength of the swirly bokeh you get.


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New Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens
  • F-Mount Lens/FX Format
  • Aperture Range: f/1.9 to f/16
  • Russian Glass Optics
  • Manual Geared Rack Focusing
  • Unique Swirly Bokeh; Bokeh Control Ring
  • Based on Classic Petzval Lens from 1840
  • Brass Outer Construction
  • Set of 7 Waterhouse Stops
  • Includes Book and Leather Pouch
  • Focal Length: 58mm
  • Aperture: Waterhouse aperture stops, f/1.9, f/2.8, f/4, f/5.6, f/8, f/11, f/16
  • Image Circle: 44mm
  • Field of View: 41 degrees
  • Optical Construction: 4 lens elements in 3 groups
  • Lens Mounting Profile: Canon EF
  • Color: Brass or Black
  • Electronic Contacts: No
  • Closest Focusing Distance: 0.6m
  • Focusing Mechanism: Gear Rack Focusing
  • Filter Thread: 52mm
  • Bokeh Control Levels: 1 (minimum swirl) to 7 (maximum swirl)

How do I clean my petzval lens?

Petzval is constructed with a non-tightened air space for inserting the water house aperture plates (3) between the rear lens element group (6) and front elements. For maintenance and cleaning, the rear lens element group (6) can be removed. To remove the rear lens element group (6), simply unscrew it.

What is difference between brass and black edition of petzval 58&85?

Technically speaking, there is no difference between the Brass and Black models. The Black Petzval 58 & 85 Lenses need to undergo a special cosmetic process to change its colour and makes its production process take longer. It is also considered a limited edition which makes it more expensive than the Brass Petzval Lens.

  • Manual focus lens that doesn't talk to the camera in any way
  • Aperture plates fall out on their own if not pre-bent by user
  • Doesn't come with a way of storing the aperture plates so they will get lost quickly if you're not careful
  • The dust plate can't be removed on some of the cameras when the lens is attached
  • The images captured are never going to be tack-sharp like in modern lenses, you just have to let go of this weird notion that sharper images mean 'better' images.