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Insulated DYLN Alkaline Water Bottle

Insulated DYLN Alkaline Water Bottle

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The best and last water bottle you will ever need! The Insulated DYLN Bottle is a 950mL ergonomic double-walled vacuum insulated bottle that alkalizes your water within 15-20 minutes and keeps it cool for up to 24 hours.
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The DYLN Bottle is constructed with 316 Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel on the interior and Food-Grade 304 Stainless Steel on the outside. There is an added copper layer on the inside of the outside of the interior wall for extra insulation allowing the bottle to keep your water cold for up to 24 hours. You can feel rest assured that you are drinking from the highest quality bottle on the market.


The patented ergonomic shape makes the DYLN Bottle easy to hold and drink from compared with standard reusable water bottles with a straight shape. And with the flexible handle cap, you can safely and comfortably carry your bottle with you throughout your day.


The 32 oz (950 mL) Insulated DYLN Bottle creates alkaline antioxidant water within minutes whenever, wherever. The included replaceable Diffuser that attaches to the bottom of the DYLN Bottle increases the pH up to 9.5 and reduces the ORP down to -150. With average use, the Diffuser is recommended to be replaced every 3 months. The Diffuser can easily be removed and replaced with the include Diffuser Removal Tool. You can register your DYLN Bottle to rack your usage & receive reminders on when its time to replace your Diffuser.



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1. Double-walled vacuum insulation: The Insulated DYLN Bottle keeps the water cold for up to 24 hours.


2. Flexible Handle: Flexible handle designed for effortless no-clunk carrying. 


3. VitaBead Diffuser: The replaceable Diffuser used to create alkaline antioxidant water has a 315 refill lifespan. 

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4. Maximum Volume: The DYLN Bottle holds 950mL (32 oz) of alkaline, antioxidant water.


5. Patented Ergonomic Design: The sleek and stylish shape of the DYLN Bottle fits perfectly in your hand and is lightweight.


6. BPA-Free & Liner-Free: Because the stainless steel does not leach, there is no interior liner. The bottle is also free of any BPA or plastic. 

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7. 316 Stainless Steel Interior: The highest quality surgical-grade non-magnetic, stainless steel available.


8. Alkaline Water: Increases the pH up to 9+ and reduces the ORP to less than -150 to create alkaline antioxidant water. 


9. Diffuser Removal Tool: The new and improved Tool helps you remove and insert your VitaBead Diffuser for cleaning or replacement. 



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alkaline water dyln insulated bottle

alkaline water dyln insulated bottle

alkaline water dyln insulated bottle

1. Fill With Water: Add water to your DYLN Bottle (holds 32oz / 950mL).











2. Enhances & Alkalizes Your Water: The VitaBead Diffuser instantly begins to enhance and alkalize your water. Within 15-20 minutes, your water will become:

  • Alkaline: The pH of your water will increase up to 9+ helping neutralize the acid in your body and to hydrate you more effectively.

  • Antioxidant: The ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) of your water will reduce down to -150 protecting you against free radicals.

  • Hydrogen: Makes your water hydrogen-enriched which can boost energy, helps you recover from a workout, and can lower inflammation.

3. Drink: Your water will remain alkaline as long as it is in your DYLN Bottle, and up to 3 days if you transfer it to another container.

The Diffuser lasts up to 315 refills or 300 liters. With average use, we recommend replacing the Diffuser every 3 months. Evert DYLN Bottle comes with the Diffuser Removal Tool that easily removes the Diffuser to replace it with a new one.








How to Insert Your VitaBead Diffuser?

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Step 1: Attach the Diffuser into your assembled Tool.


Step 2: Insert the Tool into the bottle. 


Step3: With enough pressure, push the Tool into the base until you feel the Diffuser lock into place (do not twist the tool when inserting the Diffuser).

Step 4: Once secure, slightly turn the Tool counterclockwise and lift.




How to Remove Your VitaBead Diffuser?

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Step 1: Assemble the Diffuser Removal Tool by connecting the middle component.


Step 2: Once assembled, insert the Tool inside the bottle and lightly place it on top of the Diffuser with little-to-no pressure. 


Step3: Turn the Tool clockwise until you feel it drop about 1/2 inch. Once it drops, again turn the Tool slightly clockwise to lock into place.


Step 4: Slowly turn clockwise and pull up at the same time to remove the Diffuser. Note: You may need to apply a fair amount of upward pressure to release the Diffuser the first time.


Please note: There are two outward 'dots' on the outside of the Diffuser, which the Tool will grab onto. These Dots are at the TOP of your Diffuser and should attach to the Tool. Please ensure you correctly insert the Diffuser into your Tool before reinstalling the Diffuser in your DYLN Bottle.