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Gululu is an interactive water bottle that encourages your child to drink more water through a built-in virtual pet and an adventure game that develops as your child drinks.

Gululu Interactive Water Bottle

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Gululu is the interactive water bottle that helps keep your child hydrated, enhancing mood, sleep, cognition and concentration. Gululu opens the door to a healthy, playful lifestyle.

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Gululu Interactive Water Bottle


Gululu is the interactive water bottle that helps keep your child hydrated, enhancing mood, sleep, cognition and concentration. Gululu opens the door to a healthy, playful lifestyle.


Technology meets wellbeing with Gululu: custom-designed to build habits via digital pets, rewards and a connected app for parents, the system auto-updates with educational game content to build a habit that lasts a lifetime.


Let your child choose their favorite whimsical pet to embark on a journey of health and learning— play, track stats, add friends, and stay connected with the cloud-based app that lets you play alongside your child.


Durable, safe, waterproof and wireless, with a modular design and easy-clean spout that makes maintenance simple. Designed to conveniently improve your child’s health, we made sure it’s both fun and easy to use.


With each and every purchase of Gululu, you are providing clean drinking water, for life, to one child in a developing country. Through our partnership with Generosity Org, we give back with each Gululu, because water = life.

Product Dimensions:

9.1 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches

Item Weight:

1.37 pounds


How long does the battery last on my Gululu Interactive Bottle?

The battery lasts up to 2 to 3 days of typical use or 4 to 5 days in standby mode. You or your child can easily charge the Gululu Interactive Bottle by placing it on the wireless charging dock, no plugs or pins required. Charging to full battery takes only three hours.

How do I know if the bottle is successfully paired?

1.  Check that the main page of the app and the display on the bottle is showing the same pet  
2.  Check that there is no option to add a bottle next to the children's profile by clicking on the profile picture on the top left corner of the app

Is it safe to put hot water in my Gululu Interactive Bottle?

The bottle can hold hot water between 32° to 149° F (0° to 40° C). But it is recommended to put water cooler than 40 ° C to prevent burns from hot water.

Is the Gululu bottle dishwasher / freezer / microwave safe?

Due to the Gululu bottle's electronic screen and components, it is not recommended to put the bottle into the dishwasher, freezer,  or microwave, as this may cause permanent damage to the bottle's functionalities. The Gululu bottle may be hand-washed with dish soap. 

Is the Gululu Interactive Bottle BPA-free?

Of course! The Gululu Interactive Bottle is 100% BPA-free and complies with U.S. FDA standards (excluding the wireless charging dock).

Will the Gululu Interactive Bottle break if dropped?

Taking into consideration kids habits, we've made the Gululu Interactive Bottles able to withstand falls from 1 meter when filled with water. 

How to use your Gululu bottle

Turn on:

  • Long press the main button on your Gululu bottle to turn it on.  You will see the Gululu logo and pet appear.


Game / drinking mode:

  • In Game/Drinking mode, short press the main button on your Gululu bottle to toggle between the following 3 pages: 
  1. Your Gululu pet and map
  2. Your collected items
  3. The Submarine-Spaceship
  • Move your hand up and down the LEFT side of your bottle to scroll up and down the map page
  • Move your hand up and down the RIGHT side of your bottle to interact with your Gululu pet and display different skills


Bottle ID & Settings mode:

  • Long press (for 2 seconds) the main button on your Gululu bottle to enter your bottle's "Main Menu".  Here you will find:
  1. Your bottle ID - this is your unique bottle ID.  Please report it in your interactions with Customer Service as it will help us identify your bottle and any problems with it.
  2. Sound on/offpress once to turn the sound ON/OFF on your bottle
  3. Power offif you want to turn off your bottle completely, press here.
  4. Return - to return to the previous screen or Game/Drinking mode.


  • Use the touch sensors on both sides of the bottle to scroll up and down the main menu.
  • Press the main button once to select your option.
  • Scroll down to select the last option ("Return" button) to go back to Game/drinking mode.