HailiCare Decompression Back Belt

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HailiCare decompression back belt applies Lumbar Traction (LT), which is one technique for reducing "pinched nerve" due to "lumbar disk trouble".


This belt is designed to be easy to use by yourself. It wraps around the lower back and is held in place by velcro. There is a clip that helps you to line up the hand pump with the inlet hose for the belt, and to keep them aligned while you pump it up. A pocket on the front of the belt holds a plastic "key" that fits into the hose on the belt for deflation.


The key is further secured with elastic, a very thoughtful feature allowing you to deflate the belt at a moment's notice, and to keep the hose in top condition by not having to wrangle up a substitution that doesn't fit as well- this key will not get lost. The hand pump to inflate it was much easier to use than expected.


There are vertical ridges on the hand pump that help with gripping it well, and it can operate with the hand parts swiveling on the center axis, which may help to avoid awkward positions. After inflating, the pump may be detached while you wear the belt.



1. 2 IN 1 DECOMPRESSION BELT: Providing clinical grade traction and decompression therapy, enjoying a magnetotherapy with 2 magnets.

2. PAIN RELIEF: Stretch & relieve tight lower back muscles and Relieve lower back pain & stiffness. The belt is specially used for the prophylaxis and adjuvant therapy to lumbar vertebrae disease.

3. DECREASE THE PRESSURE OF LUMBAR: Through traction, reduce the burden around the ligaments, so that damaged lumbar muscles can get a full rest.

4. ENJOY ANYTIME ANYWHERE: Can be used during activities, or while resting and relaxing, such as walking, sitting, lying down, gardening, golfing, working, driving, etc.

5. FITS MOST WRIST: Belt will fit 29 to 49-inch waists, light, and portable.



1. Length of traction belt: 45.2 inches;

2. Before Inflation Width: 5.1 inch;

3. After Inflation Width: 7.9 inch;

4. Length of extension belt: 9.8 inches;



1. 1 x HailiCare traction belt

2. 1 x Hand air pump

3. 1 x Packaging Box

4. 1 x Storage Bag

5. 1 x Extend belt

6. 1 x Use manual

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