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Meet the world’s first “smart bone”. GoBone unleashes a new world of play for you and your dog. Drive GoBone around your home with your dog in hot pursuit. Schedule automatic playtime for up to eight hours. Record your dog’s adventures and share with friends directly from the GoBone App.

GoBone - Pet Smart Bone

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Removable shell and wheels for easy washing and replacement
Exterior is made in the U.S.A. with FDA food-grade materials
Space for treats inside wheels
5 x 9.75 x 3.5 in
1 lbs


Bluetooth Smart BLE connection

8-hour battery life during Auto Play
USB charging
RGB LED lights
Upgradable Firmware over the air
Acceleration sensor
iOS and Android compatible
Free App: GoBone App available through iTunes or Google Play


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  • Automatic, all-day exercise and play: Add a renewed peace of mind to your day knowing your dog is happy and entertained
  • App control: Instantly take control of GoBone and turn it into a gaming device for you and your dog. Compatible with iPhones running iOS 9.0 or later and smartphones running Android v4.3 or later
  • Personalized entertainment: GoBone automatically adjusts its behavior based on age, weight, breed, and play style to engage your dog longer and more often
  • Replaceable parts: The exterior is replaceable so you don't have to buy a new GoBone if your dog shows it a little too much love
  • Safety and Durability: GoBone is made of tough, FDA food-grade materials
  • Dog-proof quick-release buttons allow you to remove the parts that come in contact with your dog. Wash them if they're dirty or replace them with new ones if they're worn out
  • Shell and wheels are removable which makes washing and replacing easy
  • Treats can fit inside the GoBone for more fun
  • Free mobile app (iOS and Android compatible)
  • 8-hour battery life (during AutoPlay)
  • The GoBone changes its behavior depending on your particular dog
  • Your phone can be used as a remote control for the GoBone, or you can set it on AutoPlay and let it play with your dog.
  • All materials that come into contact with your dog are made from safe materials (FDA food grade, eco friendly)
  • Play fun games such as “GoBone Fetch” and “GoBone Hide-And-Seek”.

Is GoBone right for my dog?

We designed GoBone to appeal to the things dogs love most: chasing, chewing, squeaking, and tossing. If your dog enjoys any of these, chances are they’ll love their GoBone.Powerful chewers should play with GoBone under close supervision.

Does GoBone work with small dogs?

Yes! We’ve tested GoBone with dogs as light as six pounds. Typically, they chase GoBone around and nip at the wheels. They also enjoy eating the treats out of the wheels and licking the peanut butter slathered on the shell. GoBone also moves a little slower in automatic mode so that your pup doesn’t get overwhelmed or scared.

Does GoBone work with blind dogs?

Yes! You can insert food and treats in the wheels or slather peanut butter on the shell and your dog can track GoBone down based on smell alone. Also, after some time dogs typically associate the sound of the wheels moving with GoBone so we imagine your dog will also be able to locate GoBone via sound.



  • Keeps your dog entertained and active
  • Interact with your dog through the GoBone app
  • The 8 hour battery life will last all day for your dog
  • Put treats in the GoBone to make it more interesting for your dog