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Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot

Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot

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Giddel will scrub all the hard to reach places of your toilet. It’s able to clean without dirtying itself, So there is no need for cleaning the robot. It comes with the water resistant capabilities and can withstand any acidic cleaner.

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Giddel Scrubs Hard To Reach Places - The Rim, The Inner Rim, Under The Rim, The Entire Bowl Down To The Exit. Efficacy Tested By SGS. Giddel Cleans A Dirty Toilet Without Getting Dirty. Antimicrobial Plastic Body. Compatible With Any Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Fits Within Smaller Toilets, Yet Extends To Reach Larger Ones. Has Memory-Touch Technology. Portable – One Robot Cleans All The Toilets In Your Home. Has Collision Avoidance - Safe For All. Tested Under Lab, Conditions To Clean 3 Toilets Once A Week For 3 Years. Certifications: CE Mark, BC, FCC, IC, ROHS, UN 38.3. Easy To Install, One-Time Set Up. Water Resistant For Electrical Safety, Durability, Can Withstand Acidic Conditions Created By Toilet Bowl Cleaners.


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Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot

Systematically Cleans Hard To Reach Places In The Toilet

  • Giddel scrubs the rim, under the rim, the bowl, down to the exit.
  • Giddel cleans in circular & wavy motion to cover every level in the toilet.
  • Giddel’s telescopic arm fits within smaller toilets yet extends Tto reach larger ones.
  • Giddel Has obstacle detection and is child and pet friendly. However, this is not a toy and children and pets should not be allowed near during operation.
  • Giddel takes away the disgust from maintaining a clean toilet.

Costs Less Than $1 Per Cleaning Cycle

  • Giddel cleans three toilets once a week for three years under laboratory test conditions. Actual performance may vary.
  • Giddel uses high quality servos and water proof components.

Plug And Play Operation

  •  Just take it out of its charging station, insert it into the mounting bracket and press the start button, after applying any toilet bowl cleaner to the bowl.
  • One time easy installation.

Giddel is a Portable Robot and Cleans Multiple Toilets

  •     Clean as many toilets, as often as you please.

Giddel Cleans a Dirty Toilet Without Easily Getting Dirty

  • Giddel is suspended over the toilet and the brush does not spin thus avoiding splashing.
  • Only the brush is in contact with the toilet bowl.
  • Giddel has an anti-microbial plastic body.






Who is Altan Robotech and why the slogan “family matters”?

At Altan Robotech, we focus on improving your quality of life. Our robotic debut, Giddel, cleans your toilets for you, so you can focus on the things that matter instead, like your family! Because, family matters!

How long will Giddel last?

Your Giddel is guaranteed for 1 year under its free manufacturing limited warranty. Giddel has been tested under laboratory conditions to clean 3 toilets once a week for three years! Actual operating conditions may produce different results.

Are my kids and pets safe around Giddel?

At Altan Robotech, the safety of your family is of utmost importance to us.  That’s why we’ve included safety features such as the Giddel safety switch, so that Giddel will not turn on unless it is mounted securely in the toilet. Giddel’s obstacle detection and navigation functionality makes Giddel child and pet-friendly.

How much can I buy Giddel for?

Giddel may be purchased for $499.99 USD.

Will Giddel fit my toilet?

If you have a standard round or elongated toilet, Giddel will most likely fit and clean your toilet.  There exist some rare exceptions, such as some geriatric and bariatric toilets for which Giddel was not designed.

Giddel Round Toilet Seat Giddel Elongated Toilet Seat

Is Giddel easy to install?

Initial installation of Giddel’s mounting bracket is a simple three step process.

STEP 1: Remove toilet seat nut+bolt and toilet seat

STEP 2: Place Giddel Mounting Bracket over toilet holes

STEP 3: Replace toilet seat and nut+bolt

After that, mounting Giddel is as easy as ‘plug-and-play’.

Do I have to clean my Giddel?

While Giddel’s plastic body is doped with antibacterial materials to keep it germ-free, it is still recommended to occasionally wipe the outside with an antibacterial wet-wipe, and then wipe with a damp soft cloth/ paper towel, to keep it looking new.

Which parts of the toilet does Giddel clean?

Giddel cleans the rim (surface, inner, under), bowl interior down to the exit.

Can I use any toilet bowl cleaner with my Giddel?

Your Giddel is compatible with regular toilet bowl cleaner (see your Giddel manual for details).

Can I clean multiple toilets with one Giddel?

Absolutely! Giddel is a compact, lightweight and cordless robot, so you can easily take it to every bathroom in your home to make every toilet spotless.

Do I have to leave Giddel in the toilet?

No, Giddel is completely portable. After it has completed a cleaning cycle, simply detach the toilet cleaning robot and store it in its charging station.

Why does Giddel's arm extend beyond the rim when it begins the cleaning cycle?

To begin each cleaning cycle, Giddel extends its arm to calibrate the advanced sensors in preparation to map the surfaces of your toilet to ensure an optimal clean. 

Should I fill Giddel's reservoir with soap?

We do not recommend filling Giddel’s reservoir with soap if you have placed toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet. This is because the two different cleaning agents will react, releasing a noxious smell.

We do recommend filling the reservoir with either water or a thin disinfectant, as long as no other cleaning agents are in the toilet.