Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot

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Giddel will scrub all the hard to reach places of your toilet. It’s able to clean without dirtying itself, So there is no need for cleaning the robot. It comes with the water resistant capabilities and can withstand any acidic cleaner.

Giddel Scrubs Hard To Reach Places - The Rim, The Inner Rim, Under The Rim, The Entire Bowl Down To The Exit. Efficacy Tested By SGS. Giddel Cleans A Dirty Toilet Without Getting Dirty. Antimicrobial Plastic Body. Compatible With Any Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Fits Within Smaller Toilets, Yet Extends To Reach Larger Ones. Has Memory-Touch Technology. Portable – One Robot Cleans All The Toilets In Your Home. Has Collision Avoidance - Safe For All. Tested Under Lab, Conditions To Clean 3 Toilets Once A Week For 3 Years. Certifications: CE Mark, BC, FCC, IC, ROHS, UN 38.3. Easy To Install, One-Time Set Up. Water Resistant For Electrical Safety, Durability, Can Withstand Acidic Conditions Created By Toilet Bowl Cleaners.

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