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Drum can be used wirelessly with iOS and macOS devices, as they support MIDI over Bluetooth at the moment. To create a wireless connection with your Mac, it must be operating under OS X 10.10 Yosemite or later, and be compatible with Bluetooth 4.0.

Drum wireless MIDI controller

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The drum is a wireless MIDI controller that makes air drumming happen like no other.

Air drumming for modern drummers and live legends. Air drum to trigger samples or sounds and intuitively create your own rhythms and beats. By adding effects on the X axis, or assigning functions like looping, you have everything you need at your fingertips.


SPECIFICATIONS: Link drum to your favorite drum rack and play samples on all four directions, left, right, up, down. Layer samples to play accents, rotate to add an effects on top of your samples, and start loops or recordings straight from the device itself. -All direction drum control -Velocity sensitive -Adjustable sensitivity -Layer samples for accents -Send CC/notes -MIDI over Bluetooth/USB -Rechargeable battery via USB* -5 hour wireless playtime -Hyper portable -Durable aluminum casing -Settings fully adjustable via the OWOW Utility -*High speed USB included

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Drum, wireless MIDI controller
  • Portable Drum Pad MIDI Controller with Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity
  • Powered by (3) AA batteries or via USB connection
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and iOS and available music-making apps, such as iMPC Pro
  • Includes 6 buttons and 8 knobs which are assignable in your software, as well as the MPC classics: Full Level mode, Note Repeat, and NR Config
  • Compatible with Akai Professional LPK25 Wireless keyboard controller


Power on/off switch

Sleep mode

Mode switch

Press the left or right button to select the next or previous note.

Turn Z-Axis on/off

Map this button to a specific command like starting a loop or recording your sound.


Drum is compatible with all musical software that we know of and connects with both Windows, iOS and macOS devices.

What does a MIDI keyboard controller do?

Technically, a keyboard controller is a device with piano or synth-style keys, and usually a selection of knobs, buttons, and sliders. All of these transmit MIDI data to external sound modules (synthesizers), computer software synthesizers, or a hardware or software sequencer.

What is a MIDI box?

A MIDI interface is a device that provides MIDI In/Out to and from a computer or MIDI-equipped hardware via standard 5-pin MIDI jacks. There are standalone MIDI interfaces, virtually all of which connect to a computer via USB.

  • The Feather 32u4 Blue fruit LE features the NRF51 chipset which supports Bluetooth low-energy. This means it can act like a HID keyboard, or in our case, send and receive MIDI notes over BLE.
  • The MPR121 capacitive touch sensor features touch detection, so we can connect conductive materials to it.
  • The Feather listens for any touches from the capacitive touch sensor and sends MIDI notes whenever a pin is pulled low or high.