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Downgrade your checked bags to carry-on when you pack your clothes with this vacuum pump. Capable of reducing the size of soft goods by up to 70 percent, the Dr. Save Vacuum Pump removes air and compresses items placed inside the provided reusable bags. When you're not vacationing abroad, this pump is a dream for long term-storage, too, letting you pack away bulky winter coats or last summer’s beachwear with minimal hassle.

Dr. Save Travel Kit

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Reduce the size of soft goods, like comforters, outerwear & pillows, by 70%
Take the pump w/ you while you travel thanks to its compact design
Protect & preserve your clothes by removing the air that carries moisture, mildew & odors
Easily stay organized thanks to the transparent vacuum bags

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Dr. Save

The featured save spacing travel set includes a vacuum bag and four storage bags. The vacuum pump is designed for using with the storage bags and can remove the air inside the bags to save space. This travel set keeps your luggage at a minimal compressed size and offers more room for carrying.

  • Compact size of the vacuum sealing unit means you can bring it with you to save suitcase space on the way home
  • Reduces the size of soft goods by 70%
  • Ideal for storing seasonal wear, comforters, large jackets, pillows etc. 
  • Protects and preserves clothes - Because there's no air there are no insects, dust, mildew, moisture, musty odors or discoloration on soft goods


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Travel Kit includes:

  • One vacuum sealing unit
  • Two 23" x 15" vacuum bags
  • Two 27" x 19" vacuum bags 


Can I re-use the bags?

Yes, you may rewash especially for dry soft goods such as clothes and blankets.


Where can I re-order more bags?

You may try to reach ManySolutions customer service or just add additional bag purchases from the supplier.