Cosmo Connected- Smart Helmet Accessory

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The Cosmo Connected is a helmet-mounted LED brake light that uses an internal accelerometer to sense deceleration, triggering a bright oval of red LEDs. It has a magnetic mount for easy installation and removal and connects via Bluetooth to a free companion app on an iOS or Android smartphone — of which allows users to configure a variety of custom emergency alerts.

A removable and autonomous connected brake light for helmets with accident and emergency responder alerts for safety while you're on the road. We want to make sure you are protected and taken care of in case of an accident. Thanks to Cosmo's integrated App, emergency responders are notified seconds after your helmet hits the ground with your medical history and emergency contacts included.

Rear Brake Light - Shines bright red to indicate the deceleration of a motorcycle driver.

Advanced Accelerometer & Gyrometer - Our state of the art accelerometer and gyrometer technology is extremely accurate and will ensure quick readings.

Smartphone Integrated App - The Cosmo smartphone app will automatically notify emergency responders as well as your preselected contacts when an accident is detected.

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