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The Ameo Power Breather is perfect for all swimmers wanting to swim in calm open water as well as in the swimming pool with no flip turns.

AMEO Powerbreather

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Breathe in the water as freely and relaxed as never before. The POWERBREATHER is an innovative sports tool, that will take your swimming and snorkeling-diving experience to a whole new level. No matter how long and intensively you swim: this sport tool - unlike the conventional snorkel –  provides you for the first time with fresh air without water penetration.

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Regular Price: $162.00

Special Price $129.60

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AMEO Powerbreather
  • Fresh air: Pure, Dry oxygen flows in the top & Co2 expels out the bottom
  • No gurgling: no water comes in the top vents through a one-of-a-kind Membrane system
  • Lap edition features flip turn aids to prevent water entering tubes
  • US at (Triathlon) legal (unless otherwise deemed by race director)
  • Open water swimming for freestyle, breast, butterfly and side stroke
  • Dimensions: 365 x 198 x 38 mm
  • Weight: 220g
  • LAP content: 1 Power breather, 2 Speed Vent easy S, 2 Flip Cap, 1 Case LAP Edition
  • WAVE content: 1 Power breather, 2 Speed Vent easy S, 2 Speed Vent easy L, 2 Flip
  • Cap, 1 Case WAVE Edition
  • SPORT content: 1 Power breather, 2 Speed Vent easy S, 1 Case Sport

When inhaling, I feel a slight resistance; what is causing it?

For the first time, our AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM provides the swimmer with fresh air – in contrast to traditional snorkels. The POWERBREATHER uses a membrane, which in the beginning can cause slight resistance when inhaling. However, after a few units the swimmer gets quickly used to the POWERBREATHER. Our membrane not only protects the POWERBREATHER from water penetrating, but already during “normal” swimming provides additional, positive training stimulus for the respiratory muscles.

Can I breathe under water with the POWERBREATHER?

No, the POWERBREATHER is no diving equipment. Therefore, the swimmer can only breathe with the POWERBREATHER, if the valve caps (SPEED VENTS) at the end of the D-TUBES (air pipes) are above the water. Inhaling with the SPEED VENTS under water will lead to water entering the D-TUBES.

The Speed Vents are a bit difficult to remove/replace. What can I do?

Generally, the Speed Vents should not fit too loosely on the D-Tubes. For easy removing and replacing, regularly lubricate the top end of the D-Tubes and the inside of the lower opening of the Speed Vents.

It is rather difficult to turn the Easy Fit Air Junction; is this normal?

During swimming the Easy Fit Air Junction needs to stay stable in its respective position. Therefore, it should not be turned too easily. In cold temperatures and when new, the Easy Fit Air Junction may even turn more difficult. It helps if you turn the Easy Fit Air Junction several times under warm water before use.

Can I use the POWERBREATHER even as a real beginner?

Yes, but only under adult supervision, familiar with the use of a snorkel.



  • The Power Breather is equipped with a unique and patented system called AMEO Fresh Air which, as its name suggests, will allow you to purely breathe fresh air.
  • It uses two channels instead of just one like the classic snorkel. This separates the air inlet and outlet. Specifically, exhaled air and moisture are expelled outward and air entering the lungs is dry and free of any carbon dioxide.
  • In addition, a ventilation technology on the ends of the tubes prevents any water from getting into the Power Breather. This will prevent you from swallowing water because of the splashing in the deep end of the pool.