Battle Ropes with Foldable Poster and Anchor Kit

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Most of the popular equipment known to increase power and strength are made of iron – but if you want a more intense, fast busting workout, you should definitely ditch the weights and pick up a BATTLE ROPE, the best Total-Body workout you’ll ever try.

Product Description:

BATTLE ROPE by FireBreather Training is the ultimately tool for elevating your fitness to the next level. This product is ideal for individual or group activities for cardio and resistance training. Work your shoulders, back, legs and abdominals while increasing your endurance and promoting your lean muscle mass. Wipe the Rope vigorously in various waving motions for and intense total body workout. Constructed with ulta-stong, shed-free Poly Dacron material, and smooth secure poly boot handles. This rope is build for lasting power and speed.

  • Train the right way with this Step-by-Step illustrated guide that explains each routine from Start to Finish. Designed by real trainers, it shows the absolute best 30 exercises to get Fast and Efficient results. Never run out of training ideas again!
  •  Don't spend money to protect your Battlerope from friction or fraying. Extend its life by connecting the anchor strap to fixed or weighted points
  • Combat Ropes will get you in the best shape of your life. It's an explosive FULL-BODY WORKOUT to make you Gain Muscle, Improve Cardio, and Burn Fat. Challenge your Upper, Core, and Lower Body simultaneously in shorter excersize sessions
  • Conditioning Ropes are intense but can be used safely by men and women of all levels. Longer and thicker ropes have more weight and therefore provide more powerful work out.


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