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Backpacker Mosquito Repeller

Product Review (submitted on June 24, 2019):
First off. If you realize the shortcomings of a system that requires a somewhat still air area to be effective. You won't be let down. 2 weeks ago, I went camping at a lake and the mosquitos had got a late start. They were atrocious. Maxi deet and headnets were the norm. My wife had left the door to our tent open and when we went to turn in for the evening? Dozens of dehydrated mosquitos anxiously waiting our arrival. I started up the Thermacell and went back to the fire pit for about 15 minutes. When I returned to the tent? They had all evacuated the area. So does it Work? Heck yeah it works. Outside in a somewhat windy situation, I wouldn't expect it to be that effective. But sitting in my treestand or ground blind, I am confident I won't be table fare for the little vampires.