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Portable Tire Traction Mats

Portable Tire Traction Mats

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This portable tire traction mat provides you with the way out of messy situations. Getting stuck in mud or snow on the side of the road is a common roadside emergency. You could call for a tow truck to pull your vehicle out, which can be expensive, or install tire chains when you're stuck, which is messy and dangerous.
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Instead of spinning your tires and yelling or calling a costly tow truck when your vehicle gets stuck in the snow, mud, or sand, try slipping these cool new Portable Tow Truck - Tire Traction Mats under the pulling wheels to give them something to bite down into and pull free. This set of two lightweight, yet nearly indestructible tire traction mats have angled and straight cleats on top to give the tire needed traction and deeper angled cleats on the bottom to dig down into the snow, mud, sand, or ice as you drive out onto a safer, less slippery surface. If you live in a snowy climate, these helpful mats should be an indispensable part of your vehicle's winter emergency supplies for a little extra peace-of-mind, especially when traveling in treacherous conditions.



1. Reliable: Tested and proven snow chain or tire chain alternative used by the largest parcel delivery companies in the world.
2. Portable: Easily fits in the trunk of your vehicle or behind a seat.
3. Durable: Able to be used over and over, the mats are virtually indestructible and made from high strength polypropylene.
4. Dependable: Works great on RV's, cars, trucks, van's, and fleet vehicles.
5. Hassle-free: Saves time, money, and headaches and gives you peace of mind while traveling.
6. Money saver: The portable tow truck pays for itself after one use.
7. Versatile: Works great while camping, mudding, off-roading, and during emergency situations if your car or vehicle gets stuck.
8. Easy to Use: Lightweight and can be used easily and safely by men, women and young adults.
9. A Must-have: Just like a spare tire and jack, the portable tow truck should be in every vehicle.



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STEP 1: When stuck in mud, snow or ice, put your vehicle in "Park" and engage your parking brake.



STEP 2: Wedge a Portable Tow Truck tire traction mats in front of each of your drive tires.



STEP 3: Shift into gear, release the parking brake, and slowly accelerate to safer and sturdier ground.