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 The SolarPuff™ is the first of it’s kind; solar powered and engineered to be collapsible with pop-open technology, waterproof and lightweight, yet durable even in extreme weather- perfect for the great outdoors or emergency situations.

Solar Puff Lantern

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The SolarPuff was designed with style, sustainability and functionality in mind. It is bright, lightweight and perfect for any occasion. We use PET to diffuse the LEDs making it not only beautiful, but better for visibility. The bright white SolarPuff™ has 10 LEDs and emits a cool silver tint. The warm white SolarPuff™ emits a warm golden glow and the multicolored Merlin will emit a red, blue, white, green, yellow or purple light. You can stop at each color or go to cycle setting and continually cycle through all colors. The SolarPuff Merlin is perfect for adding color to any occasion.


  • 4.3” cube
  • Folds flat to 0.25” thick
  • 10 bright white/warm white LEDs
  • 3 light settings: low, high, & blinking
  • Fully charged with 8hrs of sunlight
  • up to 8-12hrs of light on full charge
  • PVC-free recyclable PET material
  • Completely waterproof

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Solar Puff Lantern
  • The award-winning, origami influenced design of Solight Design's flagship model has been recognized on CNBC, TED Talk, Wire Magazine, Fast Company and Forbes.
  • Elegant • Versatile • Innovative • Portable • Lightweight • Environmental
  • The SolarPuff™ is the first of it’s kind; solar powered and engineered to be collapsible with pop-open technology, waterproof and lightweight, yet durable even in extreme   weather- perfect for the great outdoors or emergency situations.
  • This 4.3” cube provides 90 Lumens from 10 Bright White LEDs, and evenly diffused by the recyclable PET sailcloth for a beautifully clean, white light that’s perfect for any occasion, or bask in the soft, golden, ambient glow of 10 Warm White LEDs to set the perfect mood.
  • The SolarPuff™ Merlin, with its 10 multi-colored LEDs, allows you to choose from red, blue, white, green, purple or yellow lights to compliment any setting, or switch to the auto light cycle mode to continually cycle through all the colours to add a festive and playful touch to your evening.lazyload
  • Size: 4.3” Expanded / 8.25” x 4.5” x 0.5” Collapsed
  • Weight: 2.6 oz.
  • Lumens: low setting 60; high setting 90
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer 1000mAh; 3.7V
  • Battery Performance: 8-12 hours (depending on setting)
  • Charging Time: 8 hours
  • Waterproof
  • Solar Panel: 160mA 5V
  • Material: Recyclable PVC-free PET sailcloth light diffuser with UV protection
  • Warranty: One Year for light function

What is the SolarPuff™ made of?

The SolarPuff™ is a U.S. patented product comprised of four (4) main components: (1) a solar panel that captures photons from sunlight; (2) a rechargeable internal lithium ion battery that stores power; (3) LED bulbs that produce the light and (4) PET material that is specially architected to inflate into a cube.

Please note that our PET material is recyclable and not made of toxic PVC like other inflatable solar lamps in the market.

How long does the SolarPuff™ stay illuminated after one full charge?

After a full charge of 8 hours in the bright clear sunlight, the SolarPuff™ provides up to 8 hours on the high setting and 12 hours on the low setting. If the Solarpuff™ is in the bright sun for only 7 hours, it will last for 7 hours on high setting and approximately 10 on low setting. If the Solarpuff™ is charged in the sun for 6 hours, it will last 6 hours on high setting and so on.

How big is a Solight Design light?

Solight Design lights vary in size. The best way to get a sense of the size is to look at the individual product images on the product pages. All our lights fold down to approximately 1/2" thick and pop open into different sized cube volumes.

How bright are Solight Design lights?

Solight Design lights vary in brightness and performance depending on which product you have. The standard unit of measurement for brightness is "lumens" and this is indicated on the individual product pages, or in a chart on the respective product page. We measure the lumens of our lanterns by 3rd party testing centers.

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