The TriLens - Lens Holder

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The new way of changing your lenses. Eliminate the frustration of changing lenses. Never lose your lens caps again.

We were tired of missing irreplaceable moments, bulky camera bags and fiddling with lens caps. The TriLens™ safely carries up to three of your favorite lenses and changing your glass has never been faster.

Carry all of your favorite lenses, right on your hip.

We were frustrated by the fact that many of us have a collection of beautiful lenses, all with their own unique look and purpose. But in the heat of the moment there's no time to fiddle around with lens caps and bulky bags. By carefully studying the workflow of professional photographers we designed a product that eliminates the need for multiple camera bodies, assistants and camera bags. This is the TriLens™

Self adjusting and stable

Teles, normals, primes.. No matter your lens combination the center of gravity will automatically adjust to be as low as possible. The auto-friction mechanism will keep the TriLens™ stable when walking or running by automatically adjusting the force needed to rotate the housing.

Wear it all day

The TriLens™ fastens to your favorite belt. The Belt clip is curved to fit your body and the wide base will distribute the load evenly over your hip so you can shoot all day. The housing can easily be removed and attached to the Belt clip by using the spring loaded quick release when it's time for a break.

Your lenses can feel safe

We only use high strength steel and fiber reinforced nylon to make sure you don’t have to worry about anything else than what’s in front of your camera. To ensure high quality and reliability the TriLens™ is designed, manufactured and assembled here in Sweden. It's weather resistant and designed to withstand loads up to 100 kg (220 lbs), just in case you would want to carry a space telescope through a war zone.

Each TriLens™ is shipped with five sets of magnetic arcs. The magnets adheres to your lens caps and magically snaps to your empty slot on the housing. This protects your empty slots from dust and makes misplaced lens caps a thing of the past

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