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 NOWpresso Gold Portable Espresso Machine

NOWpresso Gold Portable Espresso Machine

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Quick Overview

The world's first cordless portable, lithium battery operated Espresso Machine that can boil water. NowPresso Gold is compatible with Nespresso Capsules plus your own Espresso Grind using SealPod Reusable Stainless Steel Capsules.

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The NOWpresso Gold Portable Espresso Machine was created for you to experience coffee freedom on your terms! 

This is actually the world's first truly portable espresso maker with the world's fastest heating time in less than 5 minutes so you can brew up to 3-4 cups of your favourite espresso.

NowPresso GOLD has been significantly improved and packed with loads of new features:

  • Fastest heating time
  • Metal water tank with dual heating plates
  • Digital OLED display
  • Pre-boil water up to 200 cups
  • One button function for everything
  • Portable lightweight
  • Boil water anywhere you go
  • Automatically pump for you and pours your coffee directly into the detachable clear drinking cup
Slick new design with a smokey translucent cup made of TRITAN™ material 
And why is TRITAN™ material significant you may be asking?

Well, it's BPA free, no odor and no plastic taste with hot coffee. And, the parts that are touching water and/or coffee are made of special plastics with 40% glass fiber to withstand the heat and pressure and keep the integrity of the coffee taste and smell.

Compatible with best-selling aluminium capsules

So whether you are traveling, on an adventure, working or at home, you can now enjoy a fresh, perfectly extracted espresso with a thick rich crema automatically made for you at the simple push of a button!


Color Black
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Customer Reviews

Great quality, design and value for money Review by FREDERIC
It just surprised me with its own heating function. It's a plus, so that you don't have to spend time on heating water. All you need is just to grab it with a coffee pod, get water, and press the button. That's how easy it works. Gosh, it's just a timesaver. Enjoyed it alot. (Posted on 6/13/2019)
Simple, Quick and Amazing Review by MARISA
I always needed something like that as I am on the go all the time and it is a perfect fit for me and save time and simply amazing. 5 Star to this amazing on the go machine. (Posted on 6/13/2019)
On the go coffee machine...exactly what I needed it... Review by ROSETTA
I use it on long drives so that I don't have to stop for overpriced bad coffee in restaurants along the highway. I recommend this machine for traveling. (Posted on 6/13/2019)

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Product Features




Compatible only with:

1. Nespresso® Capsules
2. L'OR Espresso Aluminium Capsules
3. SealPod reusable stainless steel capsules for your own espresso grind


L 9.9 x W 3.2 x D 3 in
252 x 82.3 x 77.2 mm


1.94 lbs 882g

Optimum Pump Pressure:

15 bar

Infusion Pump Pressure:

12-8 bar

Water Heating Temperature:

194°F/ 90°C

Pouring Temperature:

185°F/ 85°C

Using Cold Water:

Hold button for 2 seconds
8-10 minutes to boil
(varies on water temperature)
Full Charge: 3 cups

To Instantly Make Coffee:

Using Boiled or Iced Water
(for Iced Coffee)
Hold button for 5 seconds
Full Charge: 100 cups

Power Consumption & Charging Time

AC Adaptor: 12V 56W (2.5 hours)
Car Adaptor: 12V 56W (2.5 hours)
USB Type-C: 5V 2A (4.5 hours)

Lithium Battery:

28.47 WH

Espresso Shot:

40-45ml (varies on espresso grind)

Body Material:


Cup Material:

Food Grade Plastic

Why is NowPresso the Ultimate Portable Espresso Machine?

NowPresso is the Ultimate Portable Espresso Machine because it is the world’s first cordless and automatic portable espresso machine that is able to make coffee for you at the push of a button.
The NowPresso Portable Espresso Machine has many world’s first features. It is cordless because of its removable lithium battery. It has one button for all functions. You can sit back and relax as it pumps and pours your coffee for you straight into its detachable drinking cup. And most of all it can boil your water to ensure you can have a fresh hot espresso even in the most remote places.

On a fully charged battery, how many cups of coffee can the NowPresso Portable Espresso Machine make?

100 cups of coffee when directly pouring water (boiled or iced) and 3 cups of coffee when boiling water.

Can the NowPresso Portable Espresso Machine make an Iced Coffee?

Yes and it makes incredible Iced Coffees in fact! The NowPresso Portable Espresso Machine has the ability to directly pour any temperature water from the Water Cavity without automatically altering the water temperature. Therefore, when using iced water the water will stay cold as it passes through the machine. Once you have inserted your genuine Nespresso® Capsule, L'OR Espresso Aluminium Capsule or SealPod reusable capsule, pour iced water into the Water Cavity and hold down the button for 5 seconds to instantly make an Iced Coffee.

Can I take my NowPresso Portable Espresso Machine on an aircraft?

Yes, only if you remove the lithium battery before flight and do not use your NowPresso Portable Espresso Machine when on the aircraft. If flying on an airplane you must store the removable lithium battery in your carry-on luggage.

  • Turn NowPresso upside down. Unscrew Drinking Cup and Capsule Cap.
  • Place capsule* into Capsule Insert. Press down capsule* until flat.
  • Screw on Capsule Cap and Drinking Cup. Turn NowPresso back upright.
  • Unscrew Water Lid. Pour water* to Max Level Mark.
  • Screw on Water Lid.
  • To Boil Cold Water: Hold button for 2 seconds.
  • Hear 1 beep. Wait 8-10 minutes.
  • Once NowPresso has made your Espresso, hear 4 beeps and Green Light appears.