Tap Strap 2 Wearable Keyboard & Mouse Controller

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The Plug & Play, All-In-One Input Device For Your Entire Digital World


Tap is a hand-worn wearable that allows you to type, mouse, and use air gestures to control any device - all with one hand. Connecting over Bluetooth, you can control your phone, laptop, VR headset, tablet, SmartTV, and everything else using easy finger taps and gestures. Tap works with any application or device that supports mouse and keyboard input.


The Tap Strap 2 Is Composed of Soft TPU Materials and Contains Various Stat Of The Art Hand & Finger Tracking Technology.



1. Keyboard Mode – Type letters, numbers, symbols, and characters into your smart devices. Use any surface!


2. AirMouse Mode – Input & control using Air Gestures into any Bluetooth device


3. Optical Mouse Mode – Precise 1,000 DPI optical mouse enables on the go navigation, selection, scrolling, dragging, and dropping in any environment using any surface.


4. Controller Mode – Turn complex commands into simple finger taps and air gesture swipes to control your favorite apps, games, and devices.


5. Custom Mode – your Tap Strap 2 is 100% customizable. Use our free, simple & quick TapMapper web tool, open-source SDKs, API’s or Unity plugin to tailor your Taps to your needs.



1. PAIRING & CONNECTIVITY - Bluetooth BLE 4.0+

2. SIZE - Small, Large

3. COLOR - Black

4. MATERIAL - Soft Skin TPU, Nylon Cord

5. HARDWARE - Accelerometers, 6 Axis Gyroscope, Haptic Feedback Unit, 1000 DPI Optical Mouse

6. BATTERY LIFE - 10 Hours (45 mAH) of operation, 10 Days Standby

7. CHARGING CASE BATTERY - 370 mAH (Recharges The Tap 8X)

8. CHARGING CASE CONNECTIVITY - Micro USB (Charging cable is included!)

9. VR COMPATIBILITY - Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, HTC VIVE, Epson Moverio, Microsoft Hololens, Microsoft WMR (Windows Mixed Reality), Magic Leap One

10. LAPTOP & PC COMPATIBILITY - Windows 8+, Mac OSX Yosemite+, Linux, ChromeOS


12. TABLET COMPATIBILITY - Windows, iOS 9+, Android 4.2+



1. Tap Strap 2

2. Charging Case

3. Micro USB charging cord

4. Glossary

5. User Manual

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