Paperang P1 Portable Wireless Printer

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PAPERANG P1 White Mini Wireless Paper Photo Printer Portable Bluetooth Instant Mobile Printer for IPhone/iPad/Mac/Android Devices with Print Papers

Product Description:

Wish you could print anything from your phone with an affordable and portable mobile printer? Finally, Paperang P1 is really here!

Paperang P1 is a portable wireless printer that is easy and fun to use, can be taken anywhere, prints from any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, you name it!). Using thermal paper, no ink required, it could print anything shown on your smartphone's screen in black and white, like photos, documents, messages, web page, etc. And what is most important, the size of Paperang P1 printer is small enough to fit perfectly in your pocket or bag.

We have developed both Android and iOS App for Paperang printers. Paperang App has 8 different functions that simplify your daily life, you can print a lot of amazing things.

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