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The new GEGO GPS provides a greater number of reports over time with the highest precision and location accuracy. It uses a combination of 4G network technology and Assisted GPS (AGPS) to achieve the most accurate results possible.

GEGO GPS comes with a SIM card provided by one of the largest telecom companies in the world offering the best 2G-4G GSM coverage, thanks to their roaming capabilities and contracts with hundreds of telecom companies worldwide. 

With the new GEGO GPS you can set up several “safe zone” locations, so you will receive a message each time the device gets in or out of these areas, such as “school”, “home”, “office”, etc. 

GEGO GPS is a real-time Global tracker that tracks everything you love, including luggage, people, vehicles and valuables of any size. 

Get a location update every 3 minutes. The location history is recorded automatically so you can  go back in time to view completed trips.

When you are looking to buy a global tracker, here are a few features of the GEGO GPS that you must consider:

  • Around the world coverage. No additional roaming charges
  • Real-time location
  • High accuracy
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Smart battery life, up to 1 week and optimized by usage mode
  • The GEGO app provides low battery alerts so you know when to charge up
  • Latest 4G network technology
  • Airports arrival notifications
  • Monitoring features: Follow movements or go back in time to view completed trips.
  • Compliant with all air regulations. TSA compliant. (GEGO GPS does not interfere with avionics in any way).

Unlike other trackers, the new GEGO GPS works everywhere in the world. GEGO GPS can track long-distance; other trackers devices only cover small distance ranges. 

Use GEGO GPS in your daily life and while traveling. No installation required. Very User-Friendly app.

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