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CZUR is the world’s first true smart scanner. CZUR is also the fastest scanner in the world. It can scan books easily, connect to WiFi, and serve as a video projector. It can be used in your home and office.
It features auto book curve image-flattening, fingerprint erasing and paging technology, brings you easy and pleasant book scanning experience. Suitable for freelancers,researchers, students and who has heavy demand of scanning

CZUR Scanner ET16

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Unlike any other traditional scanners, CZUR ET16 revolutionizes your scanning experience by bringing simple, intelligent and fast scanning performance. All books, magazines, contracts and any paper documents within size A3 (Note: Due to reflectivity of materials with glossy surface, scanning result might be affected) can be scanned directly without cutting or damaging in the speed of 1.5s/page . The CZUR ET16 is also capable of scanning physical objects such as sculptures. All of your scanned documents can be converted to editable Word/PDF/TIFF or JPG.

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CZUR Scanner ET16

Innovative Side Lighting: As an advanced version of CZUR scanner, ET16 Plus has added the innovative side lighting. Patented side lights evenly reveal the whole document for a precise, balanced scan, while eliminating glare from glossy pages, such as certificates, magazines and laminated documents.

Updated auto-flatten & finger removal feature: Simply lay the book under the camera, open and hold down book edges with your fingertips. Smart processing flattens the curved page while recognizing and cropping your fingers from the final scan. Your file is perfectly straight and finger-free every time.

Smarter tilt correction & auto-copping: For randomly placed document under the camera, the ET Smart Book Scanner recognizes the page edges to automatically correct and crop, revealing a perfectly straight file.

Remaining the excellent features of ET16: ET16 Plus keeps the less than 1.5 seconds ultra-fast scanning speed and the advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, in only one click, you can easily convert any scanned pages to editable document (Word/ PDF/ TIFF all available).

Capable of scanning multiple items and multiple operating mode & able to capture movements : Compatible for bound Materials (books & binder documents) up to A3 format, Unbound Materials (business cards and vouchers) and even Physical Objects. Able to capture movements, can easily generate video from real-time operations as well as presentations for saving and sharing. Supports device control, software triggering, hand button and even pedal.

  •  Sensor Resolution: 16MP
  •  Optical Resolution: 4608 X 3456
  •  Scan Speed:
  •  Light Source: Ambient light+ Auxiliary LED light + Side LED light
  •  Maximum Document Size: A3
  •  Video Resolution: 1080p (1920 x 1080)
  •  Multi Beam Laser: Built-in
  •  Live Preview TFT Screen: 2.4 inches,4:3,Non-Touch Screen
  •  Dimensions (W x D x H): 37.5cm (L)*22cm (W)*39(H) cm
  •  Weight: 2KG

Are the side lights are included for scanning glossy material?

Yes, there are two portable LED lamps in the box.

What is the camera sensor resolution?

The camera sensor resolution of CZUR Scanner is 16 MPX.


Innovative Side Lighting

Patented side lights evenly reveal the whole document for a precise, balanced scan, while eliminating glare from glossy pages, such as certificates, magazines and laminated documents