3 in 1 360 Degree Rotating Height Adjustable Tablet Stand

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Is it a hassle keeping your tablet safe when using it as a Point of Sale (POS) or even in your kitchen? Tired of uncomfortable neck strain while you watch your favorite shows or catch up with friends online?


Meet our 360° Swivel Tablet Stand & Phone Holder! This tablet mount can serve you all the needs of using a tablet at the home, office, and business environment. Conveniently view your devices at the ideal distance and angle when you are lying, eating, reading, cooking, typing, writing, watching movies or playing the game. Features You Will Love: Durable, sturdy, portable, lightweight, and space-saving stand. Strong, aluminum solid made long arm mount. Compatible with 3.5~6 inch size smartphone, tablet, iPad 4- 13 inch. Highly adjustable with swiveling tilting arm. The universal holder that covers all size smartphone/iPhone/Tablet. 360° rotation and Dual-Handle for your great health benefits and various viewing angles. No more neck strains, phone dropping on your face, or sore arms! Hands-free experience from the office or showroom to the comfort of your bedroom and kitchen! Easy installation, special cut-outs allow you to use a phone or iPad while it charges.



1. Stylish Appearance: CNC precision machining and a bead blasted finish gives a clean and fashionable silver finish. The cable management keeps your stand always looking good.

2. Strong and Sturdy: Made from a one-piece aluminum alloy die-cast. All parts securely connected with metal fasteners. The triangular support base provides a stable and reliable stand.The strong cantilever provides a stable touch screen. The base thickness range is 0.5''- 0.8'', Special for its “V'‘ shape structure makes more sturdy

3. Height-adjustable& Flexible Angle: Height adjustable from 8.5''-39.8'' without pressure.Bracket arms and tablet holder rotate 360 degrees freely, stay any angle where you want that prevent neck and back fatigue. Arm max extension is below 20.5''

4. Easy Install: Simply assemble the product and you get a complete product right away, very easy to install.

5. Multiple Applications: Suitable for 3.5~6 inch smartphone and 7~13 inch tablet PCs such as iPhone X, iPad mini, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, Galaxy Tap Pro S, Surface, and Surface Pro.Perfect for living/kitchen rooms, gym, offices, school, and more.



"V'' shape base

1. Connect the base thickness of the main rod: 0.8''/2cm

2. Base edge thickness: 0.5''/1.3cm

3. "V" leg length:20.9''/53cm

4. Distance between V legs: 23.6''/60cm




1. The main pole height: 35.4''/90cm

2. Arm length: First arm: 8.9''/22.6cm , second arm: 9.8''/25cm, note: the connection to the main post can‘t swivel, only for height-adjustable function

3. Two different tablet holder applies to 3.5~6inch Smart Phone and 7~13 inch Tablet

4. Adjust the maximum distance horizontally: 20..5''/52cm

5. Adjust height range vertically: 8.5''-39.8''/21-101cm

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