21.5 Inch Multi Points IR Touch Screen

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21.5 inch Muilti points IR Infrared Touch Screen panel with 3mm anti-vandal glass Anti-light interference, no drift even in the sunlight, simple for installing Free driver for Windows, Android and Linux, support Mac iOS with HID driver Design for Kiosks, Touch Monitor, Touch all in one, and so on
Product name 21.5 inch infrared touch screen Detection Method Infrared rays Touch object size ≥ Ø3mm Touch Points 4 point Position Accuracy 2mm Touch Resolution 32768*32768 Transparency 95% min Fault Tolerance Workable even 75% sensors are damaged Response time 8ms Touch Durability Over 60 millions for single touch Altitude 3000m Operation TEMP 0℃~50℃,20~90%RH (Except for dew gathering.) Storage TEMP -20℃~60℃,20~80%RH (Except for dew gathering.)
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