Wireless 5.8GHz Trailer Hitch Camera

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The iBall Wireless Hitch Camera takes only seconds to install

Do you enjoy going camping or taking your boat out on the water, but HATE the long, annoying process of trying to hitch the trailer to your vehicle? Lining it up seems nearly impossible. You either need someone else there to guide you, OR you have to get in and out of your vehicle countless times to make sure you are lined up properly! With the iBall Wireless Hitch Camera, all of those problems are a thing of the past! Designed in the USA, the iBall Wireless Hitch Camera has been THE original wireless hitch camera since 2009. It allows you to hook the trailer up the first time, every time. As an added bonus, it works with both standard AND gooseneck trailers. To use, simply power up the camera using the rechargeable lithium ion battery, mount the iBall on to the back of your vehicle (thanks to the magnetic mounting), and you're all set. After you turn on the 3.5” color LCD display (powered by any 12v auxiliary outlet) you will be able to quickly and easily connect your trailer to the receiver hitch in seconds.

iBall Ownership Benefits:

Don't consider yourself a tech head? No problem! The iBall Wireless Hitch Camera takes only seconds to install.

• Saves you valuable time because you don't have to keep getting in and out to make sure you are lined up to the trailer.

• 3.5” color LCD monitor provides easy viewing.

• Industrial strength magnetic mounting means you won't have to drill several holes into the back of your vehicle before finding the sweet spot.

• Durable, all weather design provides outstanding performance for any season.

• Unit uses a 5.8GHz wireless transmission to avoid the 2.4GHz Bluetooth interference for a more stable and clearer viewing option

• Wireless & Easy-Installs in Seconds!

• Unlimited Uses: Trailers (Boat, Camper, Horse, ATV, Livestock, and More!)

• Hook it up Yourself, the First Time, Every Time

• Works with both Standard and Gooseneck Trailers

• The Original Wireless Trailer Hitch Camera Since 2009

• Designed in the USA

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