Eaula Videns Wireless HD Video Doorbell Camera

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Eaula Videns

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✅【Humanoid detection and night vision function】The video doorbell helps you stay safe, and you can see who is at the door without opening the door. Real-time recording can be started and recorded to the cloud immediately after detecting the movement of people. The alert message will also be sent to your mobile phone. When the surrounding brightness drops, the night vision function will automatically switch between day and night, showing you high-resolution video of day and night.


✅【Free Cloud Storage and Weatherproof】The video doorbell is a one-time purchase that combines security and convenience. Record and store all motion activities for up to 3 days with free cloud storage. (3-day cyclic storage) To ensure your protection 24/3, we use IP65 waterproof design. It is safe to use in all weather conditions, which makes it perfect for year-round use.


✅【Wireless high-definition video and two-way audio】 The wide-view high-definition video doorbell with high-definition night vision function allows you to watch, listen, and talk with people at any time through your mobile phone or tablet. Use two-way audio to talk directly to people near the front door. The video doorbell can be shared with multiple devices to use together and share the beautiful moments with the family.


✅【Wireless operation and 2.4GHZ Wi-Fi connection】The smart doorbell supports two fixing methods: one is to use the matching double-sided tape directly on the wall, and the second is to use the matching screws to perforate the installation. Smart doorbell, just download the APP and use 2.4GHz Wifi to connect to your phone, our device can be connected to Wifi, even outside the door or across a few walls, the connection is reliable, the signal is strong, and it is compatible with iOS and Android.


✅【Large-capacity battery and precautions】Equipped with three18650 high-capacity rechargeable batteries, the doorbell can be used for about 1-2 months on a single charge, and it can be charged through the doorbell's charging port. The battery information can be obtained instantly through the mobile APP, no need to worry about forgetting to charge.

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Humanoid detection function
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