Cubiio Laser Machine

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Cubiio is a compact laser engraver wirelessly controlled by a smartphone.

  1. Eye Protection - Goggles are included in every Cubiio package. Always wear goggles while Cubiio is working. Do not look at the laser radiation even with the goggles.
  2. Password Lock - Password is required before operating every time. Only authorized persons are allowed to use Cubiio.
  3. Lasering Indication - A bright LED indicates when the laser is energized and operating.
  4. Motion Detection - A sensitive 3-axis accelerometer is equipped. While accidental movement happens during operating, Cubiio will shut down immediately.
  5. Overheat Shutdown - Cubiio should work in the environment with sufficient heat dissipation. If the inner temperature approaches to the damaging threshold, Cubiio turns itself off.
  6. CubiioShield - Safety is priceless. We offer upgraded protection for users who have higher safety standard.
  • PORTABLE: 5 cm 150 gram compact laser module
  • SAFE: certified Class 1, motion-trigged stop, overheat shutdown, password lock
  • EASY: wirelessly controlled by a smartphone, photo/vector both supported
  • For Maker, Baker, Carpenter, Leatherworker, Designer, Handcrafter, and You
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