SAMFIWI Baby Car Camera with Infrared Night Vision Best Baby Monitor and Seat Rear Facing

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Safe & Secure: Unlike other baby car mirror, our baby car camera screen can be placed on the center console of the car. then you can clearly observe the baby's every move. With this baby item, you never need to look back or look up to see your baby while driving, this will greatly improve the safety index while driving, keep your families away from security risks.

Infrared Night Vision: baby car camera has a built-in starlight night vision chip and infrared LED lights, which can capture the baby's every move even at night and clearly show it on the display. The light of infrared LED light is very weak, so you don't have to worry about affecting your baby's activities or sleep.

Full View Infant: After using the baby car camera and monitor, you will get a broader field of view than the traditional baby mirror for car. You can also adjust the up and down angle of the camera according to your car model and the size of the car seat to get the best view.

Easy Installation: You only need to fix the camera on the headrest though the straps, adjust the angle of the camera and fix baby car camera. Use the USB cigarette lighter or power cord to connect to the power source, turn on the display, and the screen will automatically switch to the baby rear facing seat.

Stable without Shaking: The upgraded baby car monitor and camera will not shake like the baby car mirrors during driving. It can always remain stable, allowing you and your baby to easily complete a safe, interesting and beautiful journey.








Vehicle Service Type:


Real Angle of View:

140 Degree

Display Type:


Auto Part Position:


Screen Size:

4.3'' Inches

Control Method:


Item Weight:

‎1.19 Pounds

Item Dimension:

6.73 x 5.79 x 3.7 inches


Baby Car Mirror
Baby Car Mirror

Our baby car camera include: a baby car monitor, a camera, two bandages, a cigarette lighter with USB interface (USB interface can charge the mobile phone), a power cord (power cord has three interfaces, ), one tape (if customers want to fix our baby car in one place, they can use our tape).

Detailed installation steps:

After receiving the product, check the package, including all the things I mentioned above, we can start the installation.

1: Please install the camera and tie it to the car seat headrest, facing the baby's seat.

2: Plug in our cigarette lighter and the USB interface lights up in red.

3: Take out our baby car monitor and put it where you can see the baby better. Fixed baby car camera with two pieces self adhesive strips.

4: Take out our power cord. The power cord has three interfaces: a big black power interface is connected to our cigarette lighter, a red interface is connected to our monitor, a red interface is connected to our camera, to prevent customers from connecting the wrong interface between the baby's monitor and the camera, you can remember a formula: the red interface is connected to red, and the black interface is connected to black.)

5: After all the power is connected, you can adjust the angle of our camera to the angle you want to see most. You can see the baby at any time, and you don't have to look back at the baby while driving. Our baby car camera also has night vision function.

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