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Pop-Up Booster & Carry Bag/Seat Cover

Pop-Up Booster & Carry Bag/Seat Cover

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A comfy sofa, in your bag, Small but might, So clever it’s simple and Comfy for little bottoms

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Pop-Up is a light, portable and upholstered booster that pops open to become a sturdy, comfy seat when you need it – and folds completely flat to the size of a book when you don't. Store it in a drawer at your parents' place or simply slip it in your bag.


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Pop-Up Booster



Our award winning Bombol Booster folds flat when you don’t need it then pops open to become a sturdy, comfy seat. It’s the most portable booster on the market and fits almost all chair designs. Store it in a drawer at your parents’ place or simply slip it in your bag.



Our booster’s origami structure is incredibly strong and safe. We were determined not just to meet the international safety standard for boosters (EN 16120:2014 and ASTM F2640) but also the standard for adult furniture (UNI EN1728:2012). That meant pounding the booster with a 75kg weight – an average adult – 20,000 times to see when it broke. It didn’t.



Nobody likes to be strapped down, so we’ve designed shoulder straps with elastic padding that self-adjusts to your child’s size and movement. The straps are also removable. So you can remove them and throw everything in the wash.



We all like sitting comfy. Our Pop-Up Booster is conceived as a comfy, padded sofa for your kids. And for a little back support we went the extra mile to make sure the back rest pops up smoothly as well.

  • Locks instantly into a safe, sturdy 3D structure

  • Withstands 20,000 impacts of 75kg

  • Foldable booster to the size of a book

  • Ultra-light: only 1.1kg

  • Stain, abrasion, odour-proof finish

  • For kids from approx. 6m

  • Removable 5-point harness with elastic shoulder straps

  • Comfy padded seat and backrest

  • Fits almost all adult chairs

Can I use Pop-Up in the car?

No! Pop-Up is not a car seat. It has been designed and tested for domestic use when mounted on an adult chair.

From when can my child start using the booster?

You can start using the Pop-up booster from the moment your child can sit up by himself or herself, which on average is 6 months old.

Is it safe enough to sit also bigger children?

Yes! The secret lies in the triangular geometry of our origami design. The triangle is the only geometric shape that cannot be deformed even when the corners are hinges. When the booster is opened, a whole lot of triangles are locking into place to create a construction that’s similar to a crane or a bridge.

As a matter of fact, to develop the origami we made countless samples out of 1.2 mm paper and adhesive tape. Once we had a paper sample that was collapsible and our adult designer could stand safely on it when opened, we had proof the mechanical design was sound.

Then we submitted Pop-Up to the toughest booster safety norm ASTM F2640 which requires a booster to resist a 25kg drop test 500 times. And to give you peace of mind, we dropped 75kg onto Pop-Up, not 500, but 20,000 times to comply with the international safety standard for furniture, EN1728:2012. It didn’t break.

Until what age can my child use the booster?

The age limits are prescribed by the safety norms that are applicable in your area. The Pop-Up booster is compliant with the EU booster safety norms which puts a limit of 3 years old or 15kg. The Pop-Up booster is equally compliant with the U.S. booster safety norms which put a limit of 5 years. They are different because the mechanical tests used to certify the product are different. The toughest one is the US where a booster needs to survive 500 poundings with 22.7kg (50 lbs). To be on the safe side, we tested the Pop-Up booster with 20.000 poundings of 75kg, in other words it was submitted to the same test as an adult chair. It passed!

How portable is Pop-Up?

We don’t know about any other padded booster seats that weight just 1.2 kg and you can slide into your bag and pop open when you need it. It is like Mary Poppins’ magical bag.

Is the booster easy to clean?

Yes. The fabric has a non-toxic coating that resists water and even tomato sauce and olive oil. The seat and backrest are a continuous surface, so no food can get trapped in the seams. Just a rinse and a wipe, and the booster is good as new.

Mess tends to go everywhere, so we also made the belt entirely detachable so you can wash it in the washing machine.

Can Pop-Up be mounted on all chairs?

On pretty much all chairs, yes. The large shoulder strap of the bag double up as large safety belts which run under and behind the chair. So as long as it’s not a closed-in sofa-like chair, Pop-Up can be safely mounted.

Does Pop-Up have a five-way or a three-way safety harness?

Pop-Up comes with a super-safe five-way harness. The shoulder straps are elastic to guarantee maximum comfort and you don’t need to adjust the shoulder straps when the booster is used by more children.


  • To open the booster give it a flick and it locks instantly into the sturdy three-dimensional structure. To close simply unlock and fold it back. It’s almost magic.