NAPUP Child Head Support for Car Seats Safe, Comfortable Support Solution

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100% Polyester.

SLEEP TIGHT, UPRIGHT – At best, sleeping in car seats makes kids uncomfortable. But at worst, it may cause neck pain that lingers for days. Protect your sleepy child with NapUp - the original baby car seat head support.

IT’S BETTER TO BE SAFE – When it comes to child and baby safety, NapUp outperforms the competition. Your NapUp head support for car seats ensures safety, proudly performing multiple USA and international rigorous crash tests, and it doesn't impair the car seat's safety performance! Plus, it’s compliant with regulations under the CPC in the USA, and with the EU regulation under the CE.

FOR KIDS TALL OR SMALL – Whether you just switched your baby to a front-facing car seat or your kindergartener rides in a high back booster, this infant car seat head support strap and headrest fits them all! Easily adjust the front strap and headrest to fit growing children, giving them restful car rides for years to come.

NO-SWEAT MATERIALS – Not only is this child safety head support completely comfortable, but the super soft foam is flame retardant! Plus, the 100% polyester cover keeps your baby cool since it wicks away sweat. And when it needs a good washing, don’t fret. Simply throw it in the washer, no sweat!

REST UP WITH NAPUP – Sweet dreams in car seats are possible with NapUp! We promise our sleeping aid strap and headrest stops neck strain in its tracks by preventing head bobbing. 





Black / Blue / Blue Bird / Red




Forward Facing

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Item Weight:

‎1 Pounds

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10.23 x 2.8 x 6.7 inches


Have a Safe Trip with NapUp!

On the road, you have a lot to worry about. Between staying focused on the road ahead, watching out for other drivers, and checking on your baby or toddler, your drive can go from serene to scary in seconds. But with NapUp’s toddler and baby head support, you don’t have to worry about strained necks and bobbing heads! With the support NapUp provides, kids sleep upright without slumping their heads so you can focus on keeping yourself and your family safe. Drive with fewer distractions and keep your kids safe with NapUp!

Keep Your Head Up- For Less Slumping and More Sleeping!

car seat head support

Crash Tested- Mom Approved

head support car toddler

There’s Safety in NapUp

sleeping car seat head support toddler baby head support for car seat

There’s Safety in NapUp

Worried about the strap and headrest altering how car seats or boosters perform in a crash? There’s no need to worry with NapUp! US Federal Safety

Standards crash tests showed that the car seats and boosters with NapUp installed still protected kids in the event of a crash. Plus, NapUp was

crash tested according to US’s FMVSS 213, NPRM 213 for side impact and EU’s ECE R44 and the Australian AS/NZS 8005:201, ensuring it’s safe for all kinds of car seats.

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